Mini combine harvester:ANON 4LZ mini wheat harvester

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In today’s agricultural society, with the development of mechanized farming,
Many farmers no longer use traditional manual harvesting methods, but use various types of harvesters to improve work efficiency.
In terms of wheat harvesting, mini combine harvester are gradually becoming popular among farmers with their unique advantages.
However, traditional harvesters are bulky, bulky and costly, making them unsuitable for small-scale farmers.
ANON platform launches a 4LZ wheat combine harvester, which is mainly suitable for small-scale harvesting work.
At the same time, we will also introduce the working performance and price information of this mini harvester in detail.
For reference by customers who are interested in this.

How farmers harvest wheat

ANON mini combine harvester

First, let’s discuss what equipment farmers use to harvest crops, and what methods are used?
Farmers typically use surgical mowers or combine harvesters to harvest wheat.
Surgical mowing is a traditional harvesting method that involves cutting wheat straw manually using a lawn mower.
However, this method is time-consuming, laborious, and inefficient. And there isn’t much that can be harvested.
With the development of agricultural mechanization, various mini combine harvester have emerged, greatly improving harvesting efficiency.
This method uses a combine harvester to harvest wheat in one go.
Processes such as threshing and grain gathering have high efficiency and low labor intensity.
Of course, different types of harvesters can harvest different crops.
For example, our ANON platform can provide various crop harvester equipment,
Including small household and large harvesters, they can meet the farmland needs of various users.

What are the advantages of mini combine harvester

For farmers who have never used mini harvester equipment, such questions will be asked.
Then, ANON will give you a detailed explanation of our platform’s 4LZ wheat and rice combine harvester.
It also allows friends in need to better understand our equipment and don’t miss out on high-quality agricultural machinery suppliers.
The ANON 4LZ mini combine harvester is made of advanced technology and high-quality materials, making it stable and reliable.
It has the advantages of high efficiency, labor saving, precision, etc.
It can greatly improve farmers’ harvesting efficiency and reduce their labor burden.
This harvester is an all-in-one rice cutting and threshing machine with tough rubber tracks suitable for wet and muddy rice fields.
If you have requirements for cutting, different cutting widths are available, with strong adaptability.
It is small in size and light in weight, and is suitable for working in complex terrain such as hilly and mountainous areas.
It has many advantages such as simple operation and maintenance, and is suitable for small farmers.

How much grain can a mini combine harvest

ANON 4LZ mini combine harvester can harvest wheat, rice, barley and other grains.
Equipped with powerful knives and conveyors, it completes harvesting operations quickly and easily.
This machine has high operating efficiency and can be provided to users in various models.
Its harvesting capacity depends on its model and power, factors such as the machine’s power, cutting width and operating speed.
Of course, there will also be some contact with the operators.
Our machine can harvest several tons to dozens of tons of output per hour. If you have specific needs, you can contact us for details.

How much does a mini harvester cost

The price of mini wheat harvester varies depending on the brand, model, configuration and other factors.
Generally speaking, the price of a mini combine harvester ranges from a few thousand to tens of thousands of dollars.
The specific selling price will vary based on machine configuration, sales region and other factors.
Compared with large combine harvesters, this mini model is more affordable and suitable for small farmers to buy.
Of course, our platform not only provides such small harvester equipment, but also supports other types of mini harvesting tools.


The ANON 4LZ mini wheat harvester is an efficient and portable mini combine harvester.
It realizes an efficient and automated wheat harvesting process through advanced cutting and conveying systems.
The machine has smaller dimensions and is suitable for small farmland and narrow roads,
At the same time, the price is relatively low, making it convenient for small-scale farmers to purchase and use.
Choose ANON mini harvester, you will improve harvesting efficiency and reduce labor intensity,
Bring more opportunities to agricultural production.
At the same time, our agricultural equipment can be widely used in harvesting in hilly mountainous areas, orchards, vegetable gardens, etc.
It also supports various types of crop harvesting work and is highly adaptable.
If you have any questions about our harvesters, you can leave a message online for details.
I believe we will provide you with a satisfactory solution.