How to harvest corn with a combine?

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How do farmers harvest corn and how fast do you harvest it? A combine harvester is an efficient agricultural machine. How to choose a corn combine harvester that suits you? How farmers and friends use agricultural machinery and equipment to remove corn cobs, it is also necessary to figure out the working process principle, which is also helpful for us to choose functions and models when purchasing harvesters.

Then ANON will answer in detail with you about: how to use the combine harvester to harvest corn, the principle of the harvesting process of using the corn combine harvester, and how to choose the machinery and equipment suitable for your own farm. Users and friends who need to purchase crop harvesting are also welcome to come to our ANON official website to learn more about mechanized equipment products. I believe that everyone will buy a satisfactory agricultural machinery product on our platform.

ANON Corn Combine Harvester: rice, wheat, soybean, corn combine harvester, complete cutting, transporting, threshing, separating, cleaning and collecting grain at one time.

How should we use agricultural combine harvesters, how to remove corn cobs from corn cobs by mechanized equipment? The main process steps include: Adjusting the combine harvester to the proper height for the cutters to cut through the stalks of the corn plants. The driving speed is moderately reduced so that the harvester can fully process the corn plants, and the cutters cut the corn plants and transfer them to the processing device for subsequent processing. Separation of corn cobs and corn kernels: The processing device inside the corn combine harvester will separate the corn cobs from the corn kernels, and store or collect the corn kernels. The above is the detailed working process principle of corn harvesting equipment. Agricultural machinery can also improve work efficiency and reduce labor costs.

ANON Corn Maize Picker Combine Harvester: It can pick one ear at a time and return the straw to the field for the whole process of transportation, peeling, packaging and harvesting.

When operating, follow correct steps and adjust machine parameters to ensure safe and efficient harvesting operations. When choosing a suitable combine harvester, you need to consider the actual needs and the performance and advantages of the machine. You can roughly choose from the following requirements:

Machine size and capacity: According to the size of the corn field and the expected yield, choose the appropriate machine size and capacity.

Model technical characteristics: Consider the performance of the cutter and threshing system of the machine to ensure efficient separation of corn kernels and cobs.

Consider applicability: choose a more adaptable combine harvester according to local soil conditions, climate conditions, topography and other factors.

Price and cost performance: For farmers with limited budget, choose machines with reasonable price, small size with low power, high reliability and easy maintenance.