How to harvest corn by machine?

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With the development of agricultural mechanization,
Harvesting by machine has become the choice of most farmers.
Compared with traditional manual harvesting, mechanized harvesting can greatly improve efficiency and save labor costs.
Use the corn harvester correctly,
Not only can you achieve higher output, but you can also save time and energy.
So, how should farmers use corn harvesters to harvest corn?

how to know when to harvest corn

Before everyone uses harvesting equipment to harvest, let’s first understand when is the best time to harvest?
The harvest time of corn is very critical.
Planting too early or too late will affect the quality of the corn.
Generally speaking, corn harvesting machine time should be carried out when the corn kernels are in the mature stage.
The maturity period of corn is usually 90-120 days after sowing.
However, the actual harvest time needs to be determined based on the appearance and humidity of the crops.
Mature corn kernels are usually light yellow, and the leaves on the ears of corn will change from green to withered yellow.
In addition, farmers can also use their fingers to gently press the ears of corn,
If there is a certain hardness to the inside of the ear, the corn is ripe.

How farmers harvest corn

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Corn is one of the important food crops widely grown around the world.
How to harvest corn efficiently has always been the focus of farmers.
Traditionally, farmers would harvest corn by hand once it was ripe.
They will use tools such as sickles or hand-cut headers to harvest plant by plant.
The corn is then hung to dry or stored.
This method has the disadvantages of being labor-intensive and time-consuming.
And it is difficult to adapt to the needs of large-scale farmland.
The modern way is to use a corn harvester,
It can automatically complete cutting and collection, improving harvesting efficiency.
Some combine harvesters only require the machine to be pushed into the field;
It can automatically complete harvesting, threshing, detaching and other tasks to improve harvesting efficiency.

How to use a corn harvester

As a powerful, efficient and fast harvesting tool, the combine harvester
Mainly suitable for corn harvesting in large areas.
The process of harvest corn using a combine is relatively simple;
Farmers just need to push the machine into the field.
The combine uses a blade to cut the corn stalks and cut off the corn ears.
The corn ears are then from the stalks through a threshing mechanism.
Finally, the corn ears are cleaned through a screening device to remove impurities.

The corn harvester consists of an ear cutting device, a threshing device, a cleaning device, a conveying device, etc.
The process of harvest corn using a harvester is as follows:
The corn enters the corn field and moves along the direction of the corn ridge.
The ear cutting device cuts the corn stalks from the corn ears.
The cut corn ears are transported to the threshing device by the conveying device.
The threshing device separates corn kernels from corn ears.
And send the corn kernels and straw to the cleaning device.
The cleaning device separates corn kernels from straw, impurities, etc.
The cleaned corn kernels are transported to the grain tank by the conveying device.
Corn kernels are unloaded from the grain bin.


With the development of science and technology, corn harvesting equipment has also become an important tool in modern agricultural production.
Farmers also need to pay attention to some things when using a harvester.
This is helpful to our operators and harvest corn.
Choose a suitable harvester: power, width, functions, etc. should be according to the actual situation.
Check the performance of the harvester: Before use, the performance of the corn should be checked to ensure that it is in good condition.
Reasonably arrange the harvesting time: operate according to the best period of corn introduced above.
Pay attention to safe operation: When operating the corn, you should pay attention to safe operation to avoid accidents.


Through the introduction of this article,
We learned about the traditional way of harvesting corn and how to use modern corn harvesters.
The process of harvesting corn using a combine harvester is also discussed.
Modern agricultural machinery and equipment bring convenience and efficiency improvement to farmers’ production.
At the same time, it also provides and equipment to domestic and foreign customers.
If you also need to purchase harvesting equipment suitable for your own farm,
You can leave a message for consultation, and we will have professional personnel communicate with you to answer product information.
I believe ANON will provide everyone with a solution.