How does a rice combine work?

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Rice combine harvester is an indispensable large-scale agricultural machinery in modern agricultural production.
It can complete the harvesting, threshing, separation, cleaning and other of rice at one time.
The efficiency and quality of rice harvesting are greatly improved.

Work flow of rice combine

The rice combine harvester can,
The harvesting and threshing operations of rice are completed at the same time, greatly the harvesting efficiency.
This also makes many farmer friends want to know how the internal operation of this rice works.
What is its workflow?

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The workflow of the is mainly divided into the following steps:
Heading table: Heading table is the first process of rice combine.
It cuts the stems and leaves of rice and sends the rice ears into the device.
Conveying device: The device transports rice ears from the header to the drum.
Threshing drum: The drum is the core of the rice combine.
It uses the high-speed rotation of the drum to thresh the grains on the rice ears.
Cleaning device: The cleaning device separates the grains from rice husks, debris, etc.
And transport the grain to the grain outlet.

Combine harvester crushing rate

When we use the combine to a high degree, when the crops and the machine run into each other,
Grains tend to suffer a certain amount of wear and tear, which is also one of the concerns of many farmers who purchase rice combiners.

Factors that affect the rate include the performance of the , the growth of the rice, and the harvesting environment.
Generally, the rate of rice combine is between 3% and 5%.
Therefore, ANON also needs to remind you that when a brand, you also need to know more about the structure of the machine, as well as and other information.

Rice combine harvester maintenance

Finally, after understanding the detailed harvester workflow steps above,
Regular is also required during use to extend its service life.
Harvester mainly includes the following aspects:
Cleaning and : During use, the exterior and interior of the harvester should be cleaned in time to prevent the accumulation of dirt and debris.
Lubrication and : Lubricate various parts of the regularly to reduce wear.
Inspection and : All parts of the combine harvester should be inspected to detect and faults in a timely manner.