How do you harvest corn for silage?

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Corn is an important feed crop with high nutritional value,
It has good palatability and is an ideal silage for breeding livestock and poultry.
So, let me introduce to you how to use a harvester to harvest corn as silage.

Silage and Corn Relationship

First of all, everyone must understand the relationship between silage and corn,
Silage refers to the feed made by chopping and plant stems and fruits together.
It is widely used in livestock and poultry breeding.
Due to its high yield, high energy, high protein and other characteristics of corn,
One of the most popular sources of silage.
When our farmland is harvesting corn, it is very important to choose a suitable harvester.

Self-propelled Silage Harvester

Second, there are two types of harvesters to choose from:
Header harvesters and corn combines .
The header harvester is suitable for small farmland or areas with complex terrain.
The corn combine harvester is suitable for large areas of corn fields.

Harvester usage skills

Harvester usage skills
ANON also needs to remind all farmers and friends that the correct skills,
Choose dry weather when : Dry weather can reduce the moisture content of silage corn,
This facilitates the subsequent fermentation process.
Adjust the height of the harvester: Adjust the height of the harvester to the height of the corn stalks,
so as not to damage the ears.
Harvesting speed control: According to the growth of corn and the performance of the harvester,
Control the speed of harvesting to avoid the generation of a large amount of debris.

Finally, the important link is the issue of silage and storage,
Immediately after the harvest is complete, the silage corn is transported to a dedicated storage facility.
To prevent air from entering and causing poor fermentation.
The storage temperature should be controlled within an appropriate range to promote long-term storage of silage corn.

ANON suggests

ANON suggests
Using the harvester to harvest corn feed can improve work efficiency,
Choosing the right harvester according to the actual situation can also ensure the quality and efficiency of the feed.
Friendly reminder: Regularly check the status of the storage facilities to ensure the best preservation and utilization of corn feed.