How do I choose a self propelled lawn mower?

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As our living standards improve day by day, there is a demand for mowing lawns in home gardens or farms.
Some farmers have traditional lawn mowing equipment, but operating it is cumbersome and time-consuming.
There are many types of lawn mowers available on the market today.
As a result, we cannot choose products that we are satisfied with.
As people pay more attention to lawn beautification,
Self-propelled lawn mowers have become the ideal tool chosen by more and more people.
How to choose the right lawn mower equipment also requires certain skills.
Below, ANON will introduce the advantages of self-propelled lawn mower in detail.
The selection points and different types are hoped to provide you with a reference for purchasing self-propelled lawn mowers.

What is a self-propelled lawn mower

ANON self propelled lawn mower

First of all, we still need to help some friends who don’t know about self-propelled lawn mowers to introduce this product.
Self-propelled lawn mower are also called drive lawn mowers, and users only need guidance to mow the lawn.
The engine drives the wheels to move and at the same time drives the lawn mower to cut the grass.
Depending on the needs of the equipment, it usually uses batteries or throttle engines as the power source.
And equipped with high-speed rotating blades, it can mow the lawn quickly and evenly.
It saves time and labor costs and is extremely efficient. It is very suitable for treating large areas of lawn.

Advantages of self-propelled lawn mower

Since we need to purchase such lawn mowing equipment, the first advantage must be that it can save our working time and improve lawn mowing efficiency.
One of the main advantages of choosing self-propelled lawn mower is that they reduce our labor burden.
Compared to push lawn mowers, self-propelled lawn mowers do not require us to use physical force to push them because they can move on their own.
This reduces our effort and makes lawn mowing easier.
In addition, some advanced models of self-propelled lawn mowers also have a virtual fence function.
Precise navigation is possible without physical boundaries, ensuring the mower works within the designated area.
Finally, it is simple and convenient to operate, and users can easily get started regardless of whether they have professional knowledge or not.
The lawn mower equipment provided by the ANON platform is easy to operate.
It can be used in harsh environments such as dry land and paddy fields in mountainous and hilly areas.
And we can also provide a variety of model choices to meet everyone’s different needs.

Should I get push or self-propelled lawn mower

I saw many users comparing push type and self-propelled lawn mowers.
Should we buy a push lawn mower or a self-propelled lawn mower?
Next, ANON will talk to you about this topic.
Actually, there is no fixed answer to this question because choosing a lawn mower depends on personal needs and preferences.
However, if you have a larger lawn area to mow, a self-propelled model may be better for you.
Because the hand-pushed type requires us to use physical strength to push them, but the self-propelled type does not.
In addition, self-propelled mowers also have efficient pruning capabilities and intelligent functions.
So if you want to reduce effort and save time,
And enjoy an efficient trimming experience, then the self-propelled model is a good choice.
If you are not satisfied with these lawn mower equipment, then our platform also supports riding lawn mowers.
Purchase equipment such as zero-turn lawn mowers, shoulder-mounted lawn mowers, and tractor lawn mowers.
The lawn mower equipment of the ANON platform can meet the needs of most users.

Purchase precautions

So, how should we choose a lawn mower equipment that suits us?
For farmers who often need to take care of large areas of pasture,
Choosing a suitable self-propelled lawn mower is particularly important.
Key selection points include:
Power: Choose a model with higher horsepower according to the size of the area that needs to be mowed to ensure that it can drive smoothly.
Mowing width: Determine the required mowing width of the lawn mower according to the grassland area. Generally, 30-50 cm is more suitable.
Steering system: Hydraulic power steering can reduce driving fatigue.
Anti-fall protection: Set the blade anti-fall protection system to automatically lift the blade when it encounters an obstacle to prevent damage.
Other functions: additional practical functions such as collection bags and car lights.
Considering these factors comprehensively, choose a cost-effective one.
Lawn mowers with long service life are very necessary,
It will significantly reduce farmers’ labor intensity and improve work efficiency.


Self-propelled lawn mower, with their intelligence, efficiency and convenience,
It is bound to become the ideal choice for modern lawn management.
For farmers, choosing the right lawn mower equipment can reduce our time costs,
Before purchasing, you need to consider lawn area, topography, noise and emissions, as well as maintenance and after-sales service.
If you have no purchasing experience, you can also consult our platform professionals.
If you have any questions about ANON lawn mower, you can leave a message online for details.
I believe we will provide you with a satisfactory solution.