How do big farms harvest potatoes?

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In modern agricultural production, efficient and intelligent mechanized equipment has become an indispensable assistant for farmers.
This article will detail how large farms use advanced machinery and tools to harvest potatoes to improve harvest efficiency and quality.

What kind of machine harvests potatoes?

For small-scale family farms or individual cultivation,
The use of shovels and shovels for harvest potatoes is common practice.
But this kind of harvesting efficiency is very low, and it will waste a lot of time and cost for large farmers.
A potato is a piece of equipment specially designed for use on large-scale agricultural fields,
For digging potatoes out of the soil and separating them from the soil,
High efficiency and quality assurance.

ANON Potato Harvester

Our farm uses a tractor-type potato harvester, which is connected to a tractor behind it,
It can follow the tractor in the field, locate and quickly expose potatoes.
Then clean the belt to wash away the dirt and other in the potatoes.
In this way, we can simply and easily complete the mechanized harvesting of harvest potatoes.

ANON harvest potatoes

This tractor-type harvester greatly reduces our labor , and can complete a day’s manual work within an hour.
Picked potatoes are cleaner and more hygienic, reducing damage.
We can also adjust the digging depth according to the soil conditions to protect the potatoes from harm.
With it, it is no longer difficult to harvest potatoes on the farm. This harvester is highly and can quickly harvest large areas of potatoes.

With the of science and technology, equipment has brought and efficiency to the potato harvesting work on large farms.
Mechanized harvesting of potatoes has become an part of the modern farm,
By using advanced equipment, farmers can complete harvesting tasks more.
For large-scale farms, potato harvesters and self-propelled harvesters are better choices.
To sum up, the use of machines to harvest potatoes has become a trend in modern farms.
Whether you are a small grower or a large farm, you can choose the tools and equipment that suit your needs.