Grain combine harvester how it works

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The combine harvester is an important equipment for realizing agricultural mechanization and improving grain harvesting efficiency.
It integrates multiple processes of cutting, conveying and bundling.
It is applicable to major cereal varieties such as wheat, corn, and soybeans.
While harvesting grains efficiently and quickly, it also greatly improves farmers’ production efficiency.
Below, we’ll take a closer look at how grain combine harvesters work and explore the different types and their harvesting capabilities.

What is a grain harvester called

Grain harvester refers to mechanical equipment used to harvest mature grains.
In foreign countries, grain are often called “Combine Harvester”, where “Combine” refers to its of multiple functions.
And “Harvester” means harvest. This naming method clearly expresses the main function of the grain combine harvester.

Grain combine harvester, also known as grain harvester,
It is a large-scale agricultural machinery that can complete the harvesting, threshing, separation, cleaning and other processes of grains at one time.
The machine is mainly of walking system, power system, conveying system, threshing system, cleaning system, grain unloading system, etc.

Grain combine harvester types

Next, let’s answer the question about what are the different types of combine harvesters?
In the current agricultural machinery market, depending on the walking mode,
Grain combine harvester can be divided into wheeled combine and tracked combine.
Wheeled combine harvesters are suitable for working on flat farmland.
Crawler combine harvesters are suitable for working on complex terrain such as hills and mountains.

According to different methods, grain combine can be divided into combine and axial flow combine.
The threshing drum of a cut-flow combine harvester separates the grains from the stalks in a cutting manner.
The threshing drum of an axial flow combine harvester rotates to separate the grains from the stalks.

How a combine harvester works

After understanding the above basic information about combine harvesters, let’s take a look at how this type of harvester works.
(1) Cutting grain:
First, a combine harvester cuts the grain from the field using either a rotating blade or a serrated blade.
These blades are usually located at the front of the machine and move parallel along the ground, cutting and feeding the grain into the interior of the machine.
(2)Threshing and screening:
The cut grain enters the threshing system inside the machine. The threshing system uses the force of friction or vibration to separate the grains from the stalks.
(3)Transportation and storage:
During transportation, grains may undergo processes such as cleaning and grading to improve the quality of the grains.

harvesting problem

The harvesting ability of a combine harvester depends on several factors,
Including machine type, size and configuration.
Generally, grain combine harvesters can harvest grains from large areas of farmland in a short period of time.
Its harvesting efficiency is much higher than traditional manual harvesting methods.
For example, our ANON 4LZ self-propelled grain combine harvester can harvest 0.42-0.84 hectares per hour.
The specific harvesting capacity will vary depending on the type of harvester.
Therefore, when choosing a harvester, you need to evaluate and select based on actual needs.


To sum up, the grain combine harvester integrates cutting, conveying and bundling, and achieves fast and efficient grain harvesting through mechanical automation.
Different types and models have different harvesting capabilities, making agricultural production more efficient and sustainable.
By understanding the, different types, working methods and harvesting capabilities of grain,
We can better understand and choose a that suits our needs.
If your farmland also needs such agricultural machinery and equipment, you can come to our platform to learn more about combine products.
If you have any questions about our agricultural equipment, you can leave a message online for details.
I believe we will provide you with a satisfactory solution.