Corn harvester how it works:What are its types and uses?

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During the harvest season for farmers, how to harvest fresh corn efficiently becomes an important task.
Corn harvesting is an important link in agricultural production. The traditional corn harvesting method is inefficient and labor-intensive.
In order to meet the needs of agricultural production, farmers will purchase harvester equipment in large quantities before the harvest season.
After all, modern agricultural machinery and equipment can save us a lot of time and capital costs.
So, we will introduce the working principle of corn harvester in detail,
Different types and wide range of uses to meet the needs of foreign customers for purchasing this product.
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How farmers harvest fresh corn

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First, let’s talk about how farmers harvest corn crops.
Farmers need to judge the maturity of corn. When the caryopsis of corn becomes plump and plump and the hairs turn yellow, it means that the corn is mature.
At this point, the farmer can slowly pick off the corn cobs and put the corn into the basket.
However, in large-scale corn cultivation, manual harvesting is obviously too inefficient.
Moreover, the loss rate of corn kernels is relatively high, and the time and economic costs will increase a lot.
Therefore, farmers often choose to use corn harvester, which are suitable for small-area household equipment.
It is an agricultural machinery that can harvest corn efficiently, which can greatly improve harvesting efficiency and reduce labor intensity.

What is a corn harvester

Just now we also mentioned that in modern agricultural society, whether it is family farmland or large-scale farm,
All have begun to use agricultural mechanization equipment in order to improve production efficiency.
So, ANON thinks it is necessary to introduce the relevant knowledge of corn harvester to everyone.
A corn harvester is an agricultural machine used to harvest corn.
It can cut corn from the ground and then thresh the corn kernels from the cob,
Realize the entire process of corn from harvesting to threshing.
It integrates cutting, threshing, cleaning, conveying and other functions, and
Automated operation is realized through the built-in drive system, which greatly improves harvesting efficiency.
This is one of the reasons why mechanical equipment is now used on a large scale.
It can bring us super high returns in time and economy.

What are the types of combine harvesters

Next, we will answer some important questions asked by farmers.
What types of combine harvesters are there on the market now, and what are their advantages?
According to different working principles and functional requirements, corn harvester are mainly divided into the following types:
Tractor mounted, this is the most common type,
It needs to be mounted on the rear of the tractor and driven by the power of the tractor.
Self-propelled, the whole machine is installed on four wheels, has its own power system, and can walk independently.
Flexible operation, suitable for harvesting in large areas.
There are also walking methods, which can be divided into wheeled, crawler harvesters, etc.
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How a corn harvester works

Next, let’s explain the working principle of the corn harvester.
This will be helpful for our subsequent operations or equipment maintenance.
The working principle of the corn harvester is achieved by rotating blades and special devices.
First, the corn harvester collects the corn cobs inside the machine and then cuts them through the blades.
Then, the machine’s internal devices will gradually peel and remove the grains,
Finally, the clean corn kernels are collected in the grain storage bin.

Harvester use

The main purpose of the corn harvester is to harvest, peel and de-seed corn efficiently,
Save labor and time costs.
In addition, the quality of corn can be maintained, making subsequent processing and sales more convenient.
At the same time, it can also be used for the collection and utilization of corn straw.
Specific uses include:
Agricultural production: It can greatly improve harvesting efficiency, reduce labor intensity, and improve farmers’ production efficiency.
Commodity trade: Corn is an important food crop and feed ingredient.
The use of harvesters can help merchants purchase and sell corn products conveniently.
Planting research: Scientific researchers can use harvesters to conveniently carry out corn variety screening and research to promote the development of the corn industry.


Through automated operation and multi-functional design, the corn harvester
An efficient and convenient corn harvesting process is achieved.
Different types of corn harvesters adapt to various needs and provide diverse choices.
Its wide range of uses covers agricultural production, commodity trade, planting research and other fields.
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