ANON Small Vegetable Harvester

ANON Small Vegetable Harvester

Article Posting Date July 31, 2023
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The vegetable harvester can cut into the soil, close to the ground, and off the ground, and can harvest upright growing and lodging green leafy vegetables; the operation is simple, and one person can easily operate it.

ANON Manual Leafy Vegetable Harvester

  • The vegetable harvester can efficiently complete the harvesting of large areas of vegetables,
  • Avoid accidental injuries, residues or missing cuts that may occur during manual harvesting,
  • Improved harvest quality and vegetable quality.
  • It can replace a certain amount of labor, reduce farmers’ physical labor burden, and improve work efficiency.
  • How a Vegetable Harvester Works
  • Vegetable harvesters use knives or cutters to cut off the vegetables from the bottom,
  • And collect the cut vegetables into containers or conveyor belts.
  • Harvesters remove excess dirt, leaves or other impurities.
  • Vegetables can be sorted and shipped as required for subsequent processing and sale.

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ANON Small Vegetable Harvester
ANON Small Vegetable Harvester

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