Complete Rice Milling Machine Capacity 50-60 TPD

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The 50-60 TPD rice milling machine capacity can mill 50-60 tons of rice every 24 hours.
This set of rice milling machine is composed of multiple devices, which is a combined rice milling machine production line.

50-60 TPD complete rice milling plant machinery

The capacity of our set of rice milling machine can meet the needs of small and medium rice milling plants.
The equipment adopts advanced technology and automatic control system,
Able to realize fully automatic operation and highly precise machining process,
Improve production efficiency and product quality.

ANON 50-60 TPD Complete Rice Mill Machine
  • ANON 50-60 TPD Complete Rice Mill Machine
  • This set of rice milling machine combined equipment has the functions of: cleaning, stone removal, hulling, rice separation, bleaching and grading.
  • At the same time, the function of the rice mill also includes a series of combinations such as polishing and packaging.
  • Our rice milling machine can also be used according to the needs of customers.
ANON 50-60 TPD Complete Rice Mill Machine

The combined rice milling machine capacity of 50-60 tons per day can not only meet the needs of large-scale rice processing,
It can also improve production efficiency and reduce energy consumption.
Bring better economic benefits and market competitiveness to customers.
Modular design, relatively small footprint;
Large processing capacity, high efficiency, daily output can reach 50-60 tons;
The complete set of design simplifies the process flow and ensures food hygiene and safety.

In addition, the combination of 50-60 tons of rice mills per day also has high reliability,
Low energy consumption, low maintenance cost, etc.
Can provide customers with stable and reliable processing services.