1TPH Combined rice mill: advantages and uses

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In today’s fast-paced life, rice processing efficiency directly affects the economic benefits of rice mill companies.
In order to pursue high efficiency and low-cost rice milling needs, many rice mill owners or enterprise platforms,
Everyone will choose to buy some rice milling equipment that is highly functional and can grind quickly and accurately.
So, for our new farmer friends, how should we choose a suitable combined rice mill?
Next, ANON will introduce to you in detail the working principle of the combination rice mill.
Advantages and uses, I hope it will help rice processing companies choose rice milling equipment.
If you have needs, you can also come to our platform to learn about other types of complete sets of rice mill equipment.

What is a combination rice mill

ANON 1TPH combined rice mill

First of all, we still need to briefly introduce to you what a combination rice mill is.
This will also make it easier for everyone to have a certain basic understanding of rice mill equipment when purchasing, and to better communicate with suppliers.
The Combined rice mill refers to the processes of hulling, rice milling, and polishing.
Automated rice processing equipment integrated on the same equipment.
Compared with a single rough mill or fine mill, this integrates multiple functions into one, greatly improving rice milling efficiency.
Compared with the traditional rice milling process, it is also an advancement of modern agricultural machinery and equipment.
Therefore, families or enterprise processing platforms now use some complete sets of combined rice milling equipment to process rice.

Advantages of combination rice mill

ANON Portable Rice Mill

ANON is often seen on the search platform. Farmer friends ask: What do 1TPH and 1TPD combined rice mills mean?
In fact, these all refer to the hourly or daily output of some rice mill equipment.
Some families will choose some small-capacity rice mill tools for their needs. For example, our platform can provide ANON SB series, ANON 6N40 and other products with a capacity of 500KG/H.
If you need to build a factory to mill rice for sale, we can support 1-200TPD Combined rice mill. Welcome to inquire and purchase.

ANON 6N40 Mini Automatic Rice Mill Machine

Next, I will introduce to you in detail the ANON 15SA rice mill.
What advantages can be brought by Combined rice mill equipment.
This equipment is a 1TPH rice mill combination, using advanced rice milling technology and automated control system.
Able to complete the rice processing process efficiently.
It has higher processing efficiency and lower energy consumption, effectively reducing production costs.
The processing capacity can reach 1,000 kg/hour, which can meet the needs of large-scale rice processing.
It can remove impurities, bran layer, etc. from rice, making the rice whiter and fuller.
Users only need to simply set operating parameters to automatically complete the rice milling process.
There is no need for too many technical personnel to participate, which reduces labor costs.
It has a precise control system that can adjust the rice milling time and intensity as needed.
Ensure the milling ratio and quality of rice.

What is the rice milling ratio

Whether it is a home user or a rice mill enterprise platform, they are very concerned about the output of rice milling and processing using rice mill equipment.
The grinding ratio of the Combined rice mill refers to the proportion of rice husk and belly white removed during the rice milling process.
Typically, grinding ratios of up to 70% can be achieved with modern machinery.
This means that for every 100 kilograms of rice, about 70 kilograms of high-quality rice can be obtained.
Of course, the grinding ratio can usually be adjusted according to user needs to accommodate different varieties of rice and processing requirements.
Therefore, ANON needs to remind everyone to pay attention to functional parameters when purchasing rice mill equipment.

Purpose function

After answering some of the product details and working principle questions above,
Next, let’s talk about the main uses of the combination rice mill. This can also allow buyers to become familiar with the working range of the machine and can use it multi-functionally.
Combined rice mill are widely used in rice processing plants, grain processing enterprises and food processing industries.
It can handle different varieties of rice, including common rice, glutinous rice, fragrant rice, etc.
Not only that, it is also suitable for the deep processing of rice, such as the production of rice flour, wheat and other products.
It is versatile and highly adaptable to meet the needs of different users.


Taken together, the 1TPH combination rice mill combines the advantages of rough grinding, fine grinding and polishing into one device.
Whether you are on a family farm or a crop processing operation, a Combined rice mill can meet your needs.
Moreover, this type of rice mill equipment has strong applicability and can be widely used in the rice processing industry.
For friends who need to build a factory, this is a very good grinding product.
If you have any questions about our products, you can leave a message online for details.
I believe we will provide everyone with a satisfactory solution.