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As a typical representative of high efficiency and large-scale production, the 100TPD fully automatic rice milling plant,
It not only meets the growing market demand, but also brings higher economic benefits to the enterprise.
The degree of automation has become an important indicator of the level of agricultural modernization in a country or region.
In today’s globalized world, the food processing industry is developing rapidly.
In particular, rice is one of the staple foods for most of the world’s population. The modernization of its processing technology and equipment has
Next, let us learn more about the characteristics and workflow of the 100TPD fully automatic rice milling processing line.
and how it meets the needs of international customers.

What is 100TPD rice mill production line

The 100TPD complete rice processing and milling plant refers to a large rice milling facility capable of processing 100 tons of rice per day.
A fully automatic rice mill of this scale adopts advanced processing technology and automation systems.
It can continuously carry out a series of complex processing steps such as rice cleaning, shelling, rice milling, grading, color sorting and packaging.
Due to its high degree of automation and mass production capabilities,
100TPD rice mill is widely suitable for enterprises or regions with large demand for rice processing.
It can process rice into rice with high efficiency and automation.
Suitable for rice processing plants and grain processing plants.

ANON 100T/D Automatic Rice Mill Plant

How 100TPD rice mill plant works

Specifically, rice mill plant transport rice to cleaning equipment.
The cleaning equipment will use wind, vibration and other methods to separate impurities in the rice.
The equipment uses a high-speed rotating drum to remove the shell of the rice.
Rice milling equipment uses high-speed rotating rollers to grind rice into white rice.
The white rice is fed to equipment.
Polishing equipment uses brushes or friction to remove impurities and residues from the surface of white rice.

The processing flow of the 100TPD rice milling plant mainly includes the following steps:
Pre-cleaning: First, use a machine to initially clean the rice to remove and foreign matter to ensure the quality of processing.
Shelling: The cleaned rice is sent to the machine, and the rice husk and rice grains are separated by friction or impact.
Rice polishing: The rice grains after enter the rice mill.
The bran layer on the surface of the rice grains is removed by rubbing or cutting to improve the appearance quality of the rice.
Grading: The rice grains after rice milling are graded according to size and shape to ensure the of the product.
Color sorting: Use a color sorter to the color of rice grains to remove rice,
Defective rice such as rice is guaranteed to ensure the quality of the rice.
Packaging: Finally, the rice is automatically weighed and packaged, ready for sale or storage.
The entire process is highly automated, manual operations and improving production efficiency and product quality.

How efficient is the rice milling plant

The rice mill of the fully automatic rice mill adopts advanced technology and equipment and is characterized by high efficiency.
It can realize automated production, save labor costs and improve production efficiency.
At the same time, the rice mill also has the advantages of durability, good stability, easy maintenance, etc., and can operate stably for a long time.
It can ensure that each processing step can achieve the optimal processing effect.
The 100TPD fully automatic rice mill provided by ANON includes a series of continuous production devices.
From cleaning, shelling, rice grain separation, rice polishing and grading.
In addition, modern rice mills are also energy-saving and environmentally friendly, which not only increases output but also reduces energy consumption.


The 100TPD fully automatic rice milling processing line integrates modern technology.
It achieves integrated automatic control from raw material cleaning to finished product packaging.
Its advantages of high efficiency, stability and rice yield make this processing line very popular among customers around the world.
If you need to purchase such a rice mill combination equipment,
You can consult us to learn more about the complete set of rice milling products for building a factory.
ANON supports rice mill production lines with various outputs. Welcome everyone to buy.
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