What is the purpose of a portable rice mill?

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Rice is a staple food for billions of people around the world.
It is a good source of carbohydrates, fiber and vitamins.
Traditionally, rice is ground in large mills,
But small portable rice mill are becoming more and more popular.
These mills are easy to use and can be transported easily,
Perfect for home use, camping and other outdoor activities.

What is a portable rice mill

The traditional method of rice milling requires the use of large-scale equipment.
It is not convenient for situations where space is small or where quick operation is required.
In order to solve this problem, portable and small-type rice mills came into being.
This article will introduce in detail what a portable rice mill is.
Its function, capacity and efficiency hope to provide some reference for everyone to buy a mini rice mill.

ANON portable rice mill

A portable rice mill is a small household electric machine mainly used for processing rice.
It usually consists of a motor, a rice milling machine head, a rice milling machine casing, a rice inlet, a rice outlet and other parts.
This rice mill is compact, lightweight and easy to carry.
It can be placed in the home kitchen to facilitate family processing of rice.
The machinery and equipment are made of stainless steel, which is rust-proof, durable and easy to clean.
Its rice milling head adopts a tapered design, which can grind the rice better, making the rice more delicate and taste better.
Often advanced manufacturing techniques and materials are used to ensure not only durability and long life,
It can also ensure safety, reliability and easy operation.
Generally, the equipment is smaller in size and takes up less space when stored.

What are the uses of portable rice mill

The purpose of the portable rice mill is similar to that of a traditional large rice mill, mainly to grind rice into rice.
But its difference lies in its higher portability, suitable for travel, camping or outdoor use.
At the same time, it is easy to operate and is also suitable for making small quantities of rice at home.
It has rich applications in daily life, especially in rural areas.
Its main function is to grind grains into edible flour.
These include rice, wheat, corn, sorghum, etc.
In addition, small rice mills can also handle feed.
For farmers, the milled flour and feed can be used directly in household or agricultural production.
It is also a good choice for enterprises such as food processing plants and feed mills.

What are the different types

ANON portable rice mill

Whether in daily life or in a small business, the rice milling equipment used is also different.
There are two main types of portable rice grinders: manual and electric.
Manual rice mills are manually driven while electric rice mills are electrically driven.
Manual rice mill is the most basic type of portable rice mill.
They are relatively cheap and easy to find. However, they can be time-consuming to use.
Electric rice mills are more efficient than manual rice mills because they require no manual labor.
However, they are more expensive than manual rice grinders.

How capacity efficient is it

The capacity of portable rice mill varies depending on the model.
Generally speaking, the capacity of a small rice mill is about 500 grams to 1000 grams.
This capacity can meet the needs of an average family or small restaurant.
If you have larger needs, you can also choose a large-capacity rice mill.
As shown in the picture above, our ANON 6N40 mini rice mill can reach 150-300kg/h.
The mesh size of the sieve can be customized, and different types of powder can be obtained by processing sieve plates with different mesh openings.
The gear switch can be adjusted according to different working conditions.
Available with or without fan for your choice.
It is safe and easy to operate. In addition to being used to grind rice, it is also used to grind rice, corn,
Cereals such as sorghum, beans, and wheat.

ANON portable rice mill

The portable rice mill is more efficient. It uses high-speed rotating blades.
Able to quickly grind grains into fine rice flour.
Rice milling work can be completed in a short time, saving users valuable time.
Portable rice mills of different models and manufacturers have different efficiencies.
ANON recommends choosing products with higher efficiency and reliable quality when purchasing.


To sum up, as a new type of small household appliance, small rice mills have relatively mature high-end brands and products.
It solves the portability problem of making rice and is suitable for travel, outdoor or small batch scenarios.
It is a very valuable innovative product.
By understanding this information, I believe you can better choose the product that suits you.
When purchasing a rice mill, please choose products with reliable quality and good brand reputation.
Ensure product longevity and performance, bringing convenience and benefits to your home or business.
If you have any questions about our rice mill equipment, you can leave a message for consultation.
I believe we will provide you with a satisfactory solution.