What is the difference between harvester and forage harvester?

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Harvester and forage harvester are agricultural machinery and equipment used to harvest crops.
There are some differences between these two machines in function, structure and usage.
Below, ANON will introduce in detail the definitions, uses and differences between these two harvesters,
It also highlights the types of silage harvesters and how farmers use them.

Definition of harvester and forage harvester

First of all, a harvester is a equipment widely used in the field.
Mainly used for crops, such as wheat, corn, rice, etc.
Its main function is to cut the stems and ears of crops for collection and processing.
The use of harvesters can greatly improve farmers’ labor and reduce their physical labor.
In contrast, forage harvester are mainly used to harvest forage on grassland.
Forage is an important source of feed in the industry and is crucial to the development of the livestock industry.
Feed harvester harvest forage by cutting its stems and leaves,
It can maintain the freshness and quality of forage and facilitate subsequent storage and use.

ANON silage forage harvester

What’s the difference

Harvesters are usually used to harvest cereal crops such as wheat, rice, corn, etc.
It works by cutting the stems of crops, cutting them down and them.
The pasture is mainly used to harvest pasture and feed crops.
It works by cutting and forage to facilitate subsequent storage and feed processing.
There are some differences in design and functionality. mainly include:
Knives and headers: Harvesters are often with knives and headers to cut the crop quickly and efficiently.
Forage harvesters, on the other hand, use blades or cutting devices to maintain the quality and nutritional value of the forage.
Processing method: The usually cuts the crops and then performs threshing, bundling and other processing.
The forage harvester focuses more on cutting and bundling the forage neatly for easy storage and consumption.

Forage harvester types

After passing the above harvester equipment information, we also have a basic understanding of the differences between these two agricultural machines.
Next, ANON and farmer friends will explain what types of silage harvesters are suitable.
A forage harvester is a piece of equipment specially used for silage.
It can cut, compact, ferment and preserve silage for livestock to eat in winter and other periods.
Traveling silage can be divided into wheeled, crawler and suspended types.
According to different functions and structures, silage are mainly divided into two types: rotary knife type and knife type.
Rotary cutter type: This type of silage harvester is with a cutter, which can cut the silage and perform processing such as chopping and bundling.
It is suitable for large-scale forage harvesting and silage processing.
Horizontal knife type: This type of silage uses a blade to cut.
Suitable for small or family ranches.

How should I use a forage harvester

When farmers use silage harvesters,
When operating, pay attention to safety and use and maintain the machine to ensure smooth operations.
For farmers, the correct use of forage harvester is the key to harvest results and product quality.
Here are some tips for using a silage harvester:
Before use, read and understand the instruction manual carefully, and master the operating methods and precautions.
Perform regular and upkeep on the machine to ensure the normal operation and safety of each component.
Adjust blade height and cutting speed as needed to achieve proper cutting results.
Ensure that the forage is dry and suitable, and avoid on wet or rainy days to avoid affecting subsequent fermentation and quality.
Use appropriate storage methods such as baling, packaging or stacking to ensure the shelf life and quality of your forage.


In short, harvesters and forage harvester are two types of agricultural machinery with different uses.
There are some differences in function, structure and usage.
Understanding these differences, farmers can choose the appropriate model according to their needs,
And use and maintain machines to improve production efficiency and economic benefits.
Our ANON platform provides various types of agricultural machinery and equipment,
If your farmland also needs such an agricultural harvester, you can learn about other product information.
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I believe we will provide you with a solution.