What is mini rice mill machine?What is the use of?

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In modern society, people are paying more and more attention to the health and nutritional value of food.
Among them, rice is one of the most important foods in the world.
Plays an integral role in daily diet.
However, traditional large rice mills are often bulky and expensive.
It brings a lot of inconvenience to family use.
Therefore, the mini rice mill machine came into being, which is very suitable for use at home or in small workshops.
Let’s take a comprehensive look at what a mini rice mill is.

Mini rice mill product introduction

A mini rice mill machine is a small electric device specially used to grind rice paddy into rice.
It adopts advanced rice milling technology and intelligent control system,
Efficiently removes rice husks and retains the intact grain structure of rice.
At the same time, it also has multiple operating modes and intelligent function settings.
It makes users more convenient and comfortable during use.
The appearance design of the product is exquisite and simple, small in size, light and easy to carry.
It is made of high-quality food-grade materials to ensure the hygienic safety of the product.
In addition, the small rice mill also has the characteristics of low noise, low energy consumption, and easy cleaning.
Provides users with a better user experience.

ANON mini rice mill machine

As a comprehensive equipment for rice processing,
It can complete rice cleaning, shelling, polishing and other processes.
The structure of a complete set of rice milling machines generally consists of the following parts:
Cleaning device: used to remove impurities in rice, such as stones, sand, weeds, etc.
Shelling device: used to remove the shell of rice.
Polishing device: used to polish rice to make its surface smooth and white.
This small, efficient rice milling equipment
It has the advantages of low investment cost, simple operation and convenient maintenance.
It is favored by more and more small-scale factory investors.

mini rice mill machine capacity

After understanding the above product information about rice milling equipment,
Many farmer friends have asked, what is the capacity of a small rice mill?
The rice mill’s production capacity ranges from 100-1000 kg/hour, which can meet the production needs of different scales.
This is enough for an individual or small business.
It can meet the production needs of families, farms, small businesses and other different scales.
Moreover, the mini rice mill machine has high processing efficiency,
It can complete a large amount of processing work in a short time and improve production efficiency.

Rice mill use

The main purpose of the rice mill is to process paddy into rice.
At the same time, it can also remove impurities and defective products and improve the quality of rice.
The mini rice mill machine can be used in homes, small businesses and rural areas to meet the needs of different users.
It is very easy to operate and use. You only need to put the rice into the rice mill and turn on the power.
At the same time, the rice mill combination can also be used to process other grains, such as wheat, corn, etc.

Mini rice mill can be used in the following situations:
Home: Can be used for home use to meet daily needs.
Home processing of rice for personal consumption ensures fresh and hygienic food.
Farm: Can be used on the farm to process self-produced rice.
Rice grains are processed in small workshops and canteens.
Small Business: For small business, commercial processing of rice for sale.

Precautions when purchasing

After everyone is familiar with the use of the combined rice mill, if you also need to set up a small workshop,
Or invest in building a factory. Before choosing to purchase mini rice mill machine equipment,
The following information needs to be noted:
According to the processing demand, select the model with appropriate production capacity;
Give priority to well-known brands, with guaranteed quality and after-sales service;
Pay attention to whether the machine is running smoothly and with low noise;
Ensure that installation and debugging services are provided and complete operational training is provided;
Choose products that comply with national grain and oil processing hygiene standards and obtain corresponding certifications.


To sum up, the mini rice mill machine is an excellent small rice processing equipment.
It brings great convenience to individual and small batch processing.
Choosing a high-quality rice mill will make the rice processing process simpler and more efficient.
Compared with large rice milling equipment, small rice milling machines have lower investment costs.
The threshold for use is low and it is very suitable for families and small workshops.
At the same time, the machine has high efficiency and good product quality.
It is an ideal choice for many small batch rice processing situations.
If you have any questions about our equipment, you can leave a message for consultation.
I believe we will provide you with a satisfactory solution.