What is a peanut harvester?What does a peanut combine do?

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Peanut, as an important oilseed and edible crop, is widely around the world.
How to harvest peanuts has always been a concern for farmers.
The emergence of peanut harvester has greatly changed the commercial production of peanuts.
We will introduce the product content of this to you in detail.
How farmers harvest peanuts, the process of commercial peanut , and the uses and functions of harvesters.

Peanut harvester introduction

The peanut harvester is an advanced agricultural machinery and equipment.
Made of steel for sturdy structure and stable performance.
It can automatically complete peanut, cleaning and classification, greatly improving harvesting efficiency.
In addition, harvester equipment has strict quality and testing to ensure quality.

It usually includes a part, a cleaning part and a traveling part.
This kind of harvester integrates supporting seedlings, digging and soil, pulling out, clamping and conveying.
It the functions of soil shaking, fruit picking,fan cleaning, roller chain cleaning, and collection.
The peanut harvester has the following:
High operating: the harvester can harvest a row of peanuts at one time.
The operatingis several times higher than manual harvesting.
Low loss rate: Mechanical can reduce peanut dropping and damage,
The loss rate is lower than manual.
Low cost: The use of can reduce labor costs and reduce production costs.

How farmers harvest peanuts

Traditionally, farmers harvest by hand.
That is, digging by hand or with a sickle.
However, this method is not only, but can also easily lead to peanut damage and reduced yield.
Modern farmers usually choose to use peanut harvesters for harvesting.
To improve and ensure harvest quality.
In recent years, with the development of agricultural mechanization, peanut harvest technology has developed rapidly.
Peanut harvest technology can be divided into the following methods:
Mechanical pulling method: This method uses to pull up the peanut and then pick the peanuts from the seedlings.
Mechanical digging: This method uses to dig and loosen the soil in the peanut field, and then pick the peanuts from the soil.
Combined : This method uses a peanut combine to complete all peanut at one time.

How are peanuts harvested commercially

Commercially, peanuts are usually harvested using mechanized methods.
Large farms or bases will use professional agricultural harvesters to carry out large-area harvesting operations.
to improve and reduce costs.
After, the peanuts will be to processing plants for processing and sales.

Commercial peanut harvests typically involve large areas of peanut fields,
A large peanut harvester or combine is required.
Peanut plants are cut and dug up with knives, and then go through steps such as transportation, cleaning and sorting.
Place the peanuts neatly into bags or collect them directly into the warehouse.
The has a compact structure and simple operation, making it the best choice for commercial field production.
It not only improves labor , but also ensures the quality of peanut harvest.

What does a peanut combine do

Peanut combination refers to a combination of mechanical equipment with different functions.
Including, cleaning, transportation and other functions, it can greatly improve the harvesting efficiency of peanuts.
Reduce the labor of farmers and ensure the harvest quality of peanuts.
Through scientific and reasonable layout and design, peanut harvester can effectively reduce farmers’ labor,
Improving the maturity rate and harvesting efficiency of peanuts provides strong support for the sustainable development of peanut planting industry.

The peanut combination is the core of the peanut .
It consists of a seedling supporter, an excavator, a seedling puller, a clamping conveyor, a soil shaker,
It is composed of fruit picker, filter, fan cleaner, roller chain cleaner, etc.
These work together to complete various of peanut.
The main uses are as follows:
peanuts: The machine can complete all the above-mentioned peanut at one time.
Cleaning peanuts: Harvester equipment can clean peanuts, remove weeds, stones and other debris, and improve the quality of peanuts.
Bagging peanuts: Afterpeanuts, the peanuts can be bagged for easy transportation and storage.

Peanut Harvester Summary

Harvesters are important in peanut production, improving harvesting efficiency and peanut losses.
Generally speaking, the application of agricultural harvesters has changed the traditional agricultural production methods.
Farmers can choose to harvest by hand or use a harvester,
The latter can improve and reduce labor burden.
If you need to purchase a harvesting equipment suitable for your farm,
You can learn more about agricultural machinery products through online message.
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