What is a peanut harvester?peanut harvester uses

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Peanut harvester is a kind of agricultural machinery and equipment specially used for harvesting peanuts.
It uses advanced technology and design to automatically complete peanut work. It consists of chassis, cutter, conveyor system, cleaning system and storage device.

Peanut harvester introduction

The working principle of the peanut harvester is: moving the machine into the peanut field through the walking device,
The fruit picking device picks the peanut fruits from the plant, and the digging device digs the fruit pods out of the soil.
The device separates the fruit kernels from the fruit pods.
The conveying device transports the fruit to the ground.
The power unit drives the various components of the machine.

ANON Peanut Harvester

Compared with traditional manual picking of peanuts, mechanized harvesting has improved work efficiency several times.
The operator only needs to drive the equipment in the field, and peanut harvesting can be carried out automatically.
No need for a lot of repetitive hard work. This greatly reduces the labor intensity of farmers.

Harvester advantages

The peanut harvester is a special agricultural machinery equipment that realizes and rapid harvesting of peanuts.
So, what is the specific use of peanut harvester?
How does it work?

When the harvester is working, the picking device picks up the peanut plants spread in the field.
And sent to the fruit picking device through the conveying device.
The fruit picking device uses machinery or airflow to pick peanuts from the plants.
And separate the fruit seedlings. The cleaning device separates and removes impurities from the picked peanuts.
And transport the net pods to the fruit box.
It can improve the efficiency and quality of peanut harvest, reduce labor and reduce production costs.
It can also improve the quality of peanuts and reduce the loss of peanut kernels.

If you need to harvest peanuts in a large area, this equipment is highly efficient and
It has low labor intensity and will be the best choice.
The ANON platform provides multiple types of peanut harvesting and combine harvesters, which can harvest various types of crops.
If you want to know more product information, you can directly inquire for details,
I believe we will provide you with a satisfactory solution.