What is a disc mower for a tractor?

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A tractor disc mower is a mechanical equipment professionally used for mowing and trimming lawns.
It consists of a circular mowing disc, blades, transmission system and a bracket that connects to the tractor.

Tractor lawn mower introduction

Generally speaking, tractor disc mower can be installed on various small and medium-sized tractors with horsepower between 20 and 45 horsepower.
This includes types such as walk-behind tractors and walking tractors.
When assembling it on a walking tractor, it is recommended to choose a small tractor suitable for disc mowers.
To match the load of the disc mower itself.

The disc size of tractor disc mowers mainly varies between different models and brands.
Generally speaking, the diameter of the disc is between 1 meter and 3 meters.
The required horsepower of the disc mower used on a walking tractor needs to be determined based on the specific model and working conditions.
The horsepower requirements of commonly used walking tractors range from 12 to 30 horsepower.

After using the tractor disc mower in this way,
You can use the power source of the tractor to move efficiently for mowing operations.
The user only needs to drive the tractor slowly on the lawn, and the mower will automatically cut the passing lawn.

In short, choose a tractor of appropriate size and then equip it with a professional disc mower.
You can build a mobile lawn mower unit, which greatly reduces the workload of lawn management.
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