Small grain harvester for sale:Work and use

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In modern agricultural production, grain harvesting is an important link.
With the development of agricultural modernization, farmers often need to use grain combine harvesters to improve operating efficiency.
The traditional way of harvesting grains is manual harvesting, which is inefficient and labor-intensive.
If you want to harvest crops with high yields, you still need to use agricultural mechanization equipment.
Only in this way can the economic income of farmers be increased.
In order to help farmers choose suitable grain harvesters,
Below, ANON will introduce the working principle of small grain harvester in detail.
Type classification and purchasing tips are provided for buyers’ reference.
At the same time, our platform also provides other types of small grain harvester for sale,
Welcome to leave a message or call us for product details. We will have the agricultural equipment you need here.

What is a small grain combine harvester

First of all, ANON is here to answer the question of what is a small grain combine harvester.
Grain combine harvester is a kind of agricultural machinery and equipment.
Used for harvesting, threshing, cleaning and transportation when grains are mature.
It can complete the entire mechanized operation of wheat and other grain crops from harvesting to threshing.
This type of harvester is faster, more time-saving, more efficient,
It is an indispensable tool in modern agricultural production.
Below, I have also compiled several main components of a grain combine harvester:
Heading table: used for cutting grain.
Threshing Machine: Used to separate the grains from the stalks.
Cleaning machine: used to remove impurities from grains.
Conveyor: used to transport grains to the grain collection box.
The above is the introduction of grain combine harvester.
In addition to the basic functions mentioned above, the small grain harvester sale on our platform also
Also available in different cutting widths, tough rubber tracks for wet and muddy rice fields, among other benefits.

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Classification of grain combine harvesters

There are quite a lot of types of grain combine harvesters.
According to the size of the harvesting range, small grain combine harvesters can be divided into two types: wheeled and tracked small grain harvesters.
Wheeled small grain harvesters are suitable for flat terrain, are simple to operate, and are relatively cheap.
The crawler-type small grain harvester is suitable for complex and changeable terrain.
It has better stability and adaptability, but the price is higher.
According to the power mode, it can be divided into: diesel engine drive and electric motor drive.
Small grain harvester for sale on our platform,
Supports full-feed and half-feed harvesters, wheeled and tracked types, etc.
It can adapt to harvesting work in various terrain environments. Everyone is welcome to come to the platform to purchase.

How a grain harvester works

In fact, judging from the product details introduced by ANON above,
The types of work of grain harvesters are similar.
The working principle of a small grain harvester is to cut the plants through a high-speed rotating cutting blade;
The plants enter the threshing device through the conveyor belt to achieve threshing separation.
Then, the cleaning device performs preliminary cleaning of the grain. The whole machine has a compact structure and is easy to use.
At the same time, small harvesters are also equipped with conveying devices and grain storage devices.
Allowing grains to be collected and stored smoothly.
The entire harvesting, threshing and cleaning process is completed in one piece, which is one of the reasons why agricultural mechanization equipment improves harvesting efficiency.
Like the small grain harvester for sale by ANON,
Exported to many countries around the world, highly praised by customers.
Our products have high functional coverage, stable work efficiency, and can also reduce harvest losses.

Tips to select the right combine harvester

Finally, ANON would like to answer your questions about how to choose a suitable harvester.
Small combine harvesters are mainly used to harvest cereal crops such as wheat, rice, and corn.
When selecting, the appropriate model should be chosen based on the type of crop to be harvested.
This also needs to be based on each farmer’s farm crops, as well as the size of the machine and farmland.
If the terrain is relatively flat, you can choose a wheeled small grain harvester;
If the terrain is complex, you need to choose a crawler-type small grain harvester.
Secondly, you need to choose a small combine harvester of a well-known brand and reliable quality.
Ensure its durability and stability, and brands with good reputation will solve after-sales problems in a timely manner.
At the same time, the price of harvesters varies depending on factors such as brand, model, configuration, etc.
When choosing, you also need to compare several different brands, which will be more cost-effective.
Finally, after purchasing the equipment and using it, timely maintenance is also required to extend its life.
If you don’t quite understand the process when purchasing, you can also call our professionals to consult.
Small grain harvester for sale provided by ANON,
Both the machine performance and follow-up services are obvious to all. Everyone is welcome to come to our venue to view the products.


Our small grain combine harvester is an efficient, labor-saving harvesting equipment for small-scale farmers.
If you have any questions about the small grain harvester, please leave a message to inquire about product details.
We will provide professional purchasing advice based on your actual situation.
Help you choose the most suitable grain harvester model.
Looking forward to establishing a long-term cooperative relationship with you,
Achieve comprehensive improvements in agricultural mechanization and production efficiency.