Small combine harvester for sale:4LZ small wheat harvester

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In the development of modern agricultural society, the use of agricultural machinery and equipment is becoming more and more common.
Especially small agricultural harvester equipment has been widely used in rural areas.
Farmers are facing increasing pressure in their daily agricultural operations.
How to improve the harvesting efficiency of crops has become the focus of many farmers.
To this end, our company has introduced the latest small combine harvester: 4LZ small wheat harvester,
Provide farmers with more efficient and convenient tools.
It can effectively improve wheat harvesting efficiency and reduce farmers’ labor intensity.
It is an agricultural machinery product worth recommending.
Below, ANON will explain in detail the features and usage guidelines of this harvester.

How about 4LZ small wheat combine harvester

ANON small combine harvester

Small combine harvester refers to a small combine harvester used with a small tractor.
It is characterized by small size, light weight, simple operation, and maneuverability.
Suitable for harvesting operations in complex terrain such as hills and mountains.
It adopts the latest combined harvesting technology and can automatically complete wheat harvesting, threshing and cleaning.
It greatly reduces farmers’ labor intensity and production costs.
At the same time, the machine also has the characteristics of high efficiency and energy saving.
It can improve wheat harvesting efficiency and reduce energy consumption.
Of course, this 4LZ small wheat combine harvester provided by our platform,
Equipped with a high-quality engine with sufficient power reserve and good maneuverability in wet and soft terrain.
Harvested grain crops are thoroughly threshed, with clear separation and high particle cleanliness.

How much does a wheat combine harvester cost

For those who need to purchase a small combine harvester suitable for their own farm, their prices vary depending on factors such as brand, model, configuration and market demand.
The current price of this type of small harvester on the market ranges from several thousand to tens of thousands of dollars.
The actual transaction price depends on the specific model, region and time of purchase.
You need to consult your local dealer for the latest quotation information.
The 4LZ small harvester provided by our company also supports a variety of models to adapt to the needs of different types of personnel.
If you are interested in this device, you can call us to inquire about product details.

Uses of small harvesters

Small combine harvesters have a wide range of uses, not only suitable for harvesting wheat,
It can also be used for harvesting crops such as soybeans, corn and rice.
At the same time, it can adapt to different terrain and soil conditions, providing better harvesting results.
In addition, some combine harvesters can also be used for other agricultural operations, such as transportation, mowing, bulldozing, etc.
This 4LZ small combine harvester provided by ANON platform,
Mainly used for harvesting operations of small-area wheat growers. Its main uses include:
It can complete wheat harvesting, threshing, separation and other processes at one time, improving harvesting efficiency.
The equipment has the advantages of low vibration and low noise.

user’s guidance

When we purchase a combine harvester that we need to use,
In order to better use the small combine harvester, it is also necessary to use the equipment guide.
When using a small wheat harvester, be sure to follow these usage guidelines:
Make sure the harvester’s oil level, filter and battery charge are normal to ensure proper operation.
Before starting work, make sure that all parts of the harvester are working properly.
During the harvesting process, please be careful to avoid hitting the ground and other obstacles to avoid damaging the harvester.
After harvesting, make sure all parts of the harvester are clean and well maintained to ensure long-term use.
By following the above usage guidelines, you can ensure proper operation and long-term use of your small wheat harvester.
At the same time, ANON would also like to remind everyone that agricultural machinery and equipment also need to be maintained regularly after use.
This is also crucial to the service life of the equipment.


Our 4LZ small wheat harvester is an intelligent agricultural machinery and equipment.
It can complete wheat harvesting work quickly and accurately.
Using advanced processes and technologies, it has excellent performance in harvesting, threshing, cleaning and storage.
The above is a detailed introduction about the 4LZ small harvester. I hope it will be helpful to your purchasing decision.
If you need more information about agricultural harvesters, please call us for consultation or visit us for trial use.
Thank you for your support of our products!