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In modern agriculture, tractors are indispensable agricultural machinery.
Plays an important role in field operations.
Depending on the walking device,
Tractors can be divided into two types: crawler tractors and wheel tractors.
Among them, small agricultural crawler tractor are a type of tractor that has developed rapidly in recent years.
It is widely used in small farms, horticulture, forestry and other fields.

What is a small agricultural crawler tractor

A small agricultural crawler tractor is a small-sized tractor that uses crawler tracks as the moving part.
Used in agricultural production for plowing, sowing, harvesting and other operations.
This equipment consists of engine, chassis, crawler tracks, drive system and other components.
It is more flexible than large tractors and suitable for agricultural operations on small plots of land.

ANON small agricultural crawler tractors

It is suitable for farming, sowing, harvesting, transportation and other operations in small farms, gardening, forestry and other fields.
Has the following characteristics:
Strong traction: The contact area between the track and the ground is large, so it has strong traction.
Suitable for working in harsh terrains such as wetlands, mountains, and hills.
High stability: Crawler tractors have a low center of gravity and therefore have high stability.
It is not easy to roll over when operating in wetlands, mountains and other terrains.
Good passability: The tracks of the crawler tractor have a certain degree of elasticity.
Therefore, it has better passability when driving on rugged terrain.

crawler tractor price

Prices for small agricultural crawler tractor vary based on factors such as horsepower, power, configuration, and more.
Generally speaking, the price of a small agricultural tractor ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of yuan.
The price will vary depending on the brand, configuration, and performance parameters.
ANON recommends that farmers can choose cost-effective products according to their own needs.
Lower-priced products may have simple functions and limited scope of application.
Higher-priced products have more functions and configurations and can meet more complex needs.
Before purchasing, compare with multiple vendors and fully understand the device’s performance and capabilities.

How is the use effect

Small agricultural crawler tractor have good results in agricultural production.
Thanks to its track system, it maintains good traction and passing performance in a variety of terrains.
Whether it is muddy, sloping or rugged terrain, you can work stably.
At the same time, the tractor has low ground pressure, which is beneficial to protecting soil and crops.
Its flexibility and mobility allow farmers to complete agricultural operations more efficiently.

Excellent performance in agricultural operations with the following advantages:
Strong traction: Small crawler tractor use track wheels to provide greater traction and perform well on slippery or rough terrain.
This gives it better performance in field cultivation, land leveling, plowing, etc.
High flexibility: Track wheels allow small tractors to have better maneuverability and can flexibly turn and navigate in narrow areas and complex terrain.
Low ground pressure: Due to the use of track wheels, the ground pressure is lower than that of wheeled tractors. This helps reduce stress and damage to the soil and protects the farm environment.
Improved operating efficiency: strong traction, high stability, good passability,
It can quickly complete farming, sowing, harvesting, transportation and other operations, improving operating efficiency.


After understanding the above introduction of mechanical equipment and the effects of product use,
For farmers who need to buy this tractor equipment,
How to choose a crawler tractor suitable for your farm?
What are some tips for purchasing agricultural equipment?
Here are a few things you need to consider:

  • Needs assessment: Clarify your needs, determine the type of tractor, functions and required accessories to choose the most suitable equipment.
  • Product quality: Choose well-known brands and reliable suppliers, and seek advice from other farmers or professionals.
    Learn about product quality and reliability to ensure stability and durability for long-term use.
  • Price Comparison: Compare with multiple suppliers to understand the price range of different brands and models and fully understand how different prices differ.
  • After-sales service: Ask the supplier about the after-sales service policy before purchasing, including repair, maintenance and parts supply.
    Ensure you receive timely technical support and maintenance.


To sum up, whether it is tilling, sowing or harvesting,
Small farm track tractors are all capable and perform well in tight or uneven areas.
When purchasing, pay attention to factors such as budget, functional requirements, product brand, and after-sales service.
If you have any questions about our agricultural equipment, you can leave a message online for consultation.
I believe we will provide you with a satisfactory solution.