How much horsepower does a walking tractor have?

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A walking tractor is a small, portable agricultural machinery.
It is widely used in all aspects of farming, sowing, harvesting, and transportation.
With its small size and , it has become a powerful assistant for farmers.

What is the average horsepower of a tractor

The horsepower of walking tractor will vary on different models and brands.
Currently on the market, the horsepower of walking tractors ranges from a few to 30 horses.
Smaller models of walk-behind tractors have a few to 15 horsepower,
Suitable for some light farming and hauling tasks.
Larger walking tractors can reach 20 to 30 HP and can handle heavier work.

ANON Walk Behind Tractor

ANON reminds farmers and friends,
When choosing a walking tractor, you need to determine the required based on your own needs and expected usage.
While completing farmland operations, it improves production and quality of life, and can also save labor and capital costs.

What can you do with a walking tractor

For example, for small areas of farmland, small walking tractors are sufficient to plow the land;
For large areas of cultivated land or other heavy-duty work, higher-horsepower walking tractors are more suitable and can increase production more.
Our ANON platform can provide various types of tractors to meet the basic needs of farmers.
We can provide 7-20HP diesel walking tractor, supporting wheeled and tracked tractors.

ANON Walk Behind Tractor

When choosing a walking tractor, we need to consider the following factors:
tractor equipment functionality?
How much land needs to be farmed?
What is the soil quality of the farmland?
Choose the appropriate horsepower based on these factors,
It can give full play to the performance of the tractor and improve work.
If you are not clear about your functional requirements, you can also come to our platform for consultation.
Detailed information Our team of experts will give you a satisfactory solution.