How many crops can a combine harvest?

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Combine harvesters can harvest a variety of crops, including corn, wheat, soybeans, rice, barley, and oats.

How did the combine help?

For the agricultural industry, no matter what crop you choose to grow, combine harvesters allow for quick and efficient harvesting.
Whether you are a farmer or an individual grower, our ANON platform has the right combine harvester for you.

Secondly, combine harvesters can not only harvest crops, but also handle and pre-treat crops.
Combine harvesters can process wheat into flour or flakes through processes such as chopping and grinding.
For crops such as corn and soybeans, combine harvesters can strip them directly out of the kernel,
And carry out preliminary cleaning and sorting.

Rice combine harvester
Cotton Harvester Machine
  • ANON Cotton Harvester
  • Manufacturers supply cotton combine harvesters:
  • large grain tanks;
  • Strong rubber tracks, suitable for wet and muddy paddy fields;
  • One machine with multiple functions can process cotton and threshing at the same time;
  • Good fluidity in wet and soft ground;
  • High-quality engine with sufficient power reserve.
Grain Combine Harvester
  • ANON self-propelled grain combine harvester
  • Harvesting, threshing, separation and unloading of wheat and other crops can be completed in one operation.
  • This can be achieved by changing different threshing drums, separators and harvesting platforms.
  • It has a multi-purpose machine, high cost performance, strong adaptability and high efficiency.

In addition, the ANON platform also supports: rice and wheat combine harvesters, corn combine harvesters,
Highland barley combine harvester, cotton combine harvester, sugarcane combine harvester.
Tire self-propelled, crawler self-propelled, walk-behind self-propelled combine harvesters.
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