How efficient is the rice mill,What is the quality of the milled rice?

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Rice milling efficiency and rice milling quality are key indicators to measure the performance of a rice milling machine.
An excellent rice mill must achieve high efficiency while ensuring rice quality.
What is the efficiency level of a rice milling machine? What is the quality of rice milling usually achieved?

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How does milling affect the quality of rice?

The rice milling process has a significant impact on the quality of rice.
First of all, the rice mill can remove rice husk and impurities to ensure the purity and hygiene of rice.
Secondly, the rice mill can control the rice breakage rate,
Reduce the breakage of rice grains, maintain the integrity and appearance of rice.
Finally, the rice milling machine can also perform rice milling with different precision according to user needs.

  • Rice milling breakage will affect the quality of rice.
  • Broken rice can cause the rice to darken in color and taste poor.
  • Broken rice causes the nutritional value of the rice to be lost.
  • Broken rice will shorten the shelf life of the rice.

Percentage of Rice Milling Broken

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During the rice milling process, there will be a certain rate of rice breakage.
This is determined by the characteristics of the rice skin and internal structure.
A high-quality rice mill can control the rice breakage rate within a reasonable range,
Ensure the quality of rice, reduce the percentage of broken rice,
Improved integrity and quality of milled rice.

  • The size of the broken rice rate mainly depends on the rice milling method, rice milling time and rice milling pressure of the rice mill.
  • The rice mill whose rice milling method is mainly wipe off has a high broken rice rate;
  • The rice milling method is mainly based on grinding, and the broken rice rate is low.
  • The longer the rice milling time, the greater the rice milling pressure and the higher the broken rice rate.
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As far as the quality of rice milling is concerned, high-quality rice mills mill rice,
A complete rice rate greater than 95% is relatively common.
The beige color is pure and white, the shape is full, and the broken rice rate is low.
The key is to precisely control the parameters of each process, such as rolling pressure, to avoid excessive damage to the rice.

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