How does a peanut picking machine work?

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In the agricultural field, the development of automation technology is continuously improving production efficiency and reducing labor burden.
Help farmers pick peanuts quickly and efficiently through automation.
This article will introduce in detail the working process of the peanut picking machine and its use in agricultural production.

Picking machine workflow

The workflow of the peanut picking machine can be summarized as the following steps:
Machine entry into the field: The peanut picker is towed by a tractor and enters the peanut field.
Fruit picking: The fruit picking device picks peanuts from the plants and sends them to the digging device.
Digging: A digging device digs the pods out of the soil and feeds them into a threshing device.
Threshing: The threshing device separates the fruit pods from the fruit pods and sends them to the conveying device.
Conveying: The conveying device transports the threshed fruit to the ground.

ANON peanut picking machine

The peanut combine harvester is a kind of peanut picking, digging, threshing,
Agricultural machinery that integrates transportation and other functions,
The entire process realizes automated and rapid picking of peanuts.
Compared with manual picking, the mechanized operation of peanut picking machine is faster and more efficient.
It can significantly reduce the labor intensity of farmers.

Advantages of picking machines

The peanut picking machine can also improve the quality of peanuts and reduce the loss of peanut kernels.
The use of peanut picking machines can reduce labor burden and reduce labor costs.
and provide a better working environment.
Harvester equipment can detect the position and maturity of peanut ears,
This enables high-quality picking.
Whether it is flat land or sloping land, whether it is a dry area or a humid area,
Peanut pickers can handle a variety of environments and conditions.

ANON peanut picking machine

By understanding the working and use of peanut picking machine,
We can see its importance and advantages in agricultural production.
I hope more farmers will realize the benefits of automation technology,
And choose a picking machine that suits the characteristics and needs of your farmland,
Welcome to learn more about agricultural machinery and equipment.
I believe we can provide you with a satisfactory solution.