How a wheat combine harvester harvests wheat?

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Wheat is one of the most important food crops in the world,
Its harvesting is an important link in agricultural production.
As the level of agricultural mechanization continues to improve, our demand for mechanized harvester equipment will also increase.
It reduces labor intensity for farmers, and combine harvester equipment is widely used in wheat harvesting operations.
With its efficiency, speed and convenience, it has become a powerful assistant for farmers.
How does a wheat combine harvester harvest wheat?
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Let’s take a look at the details of this harvesting equipment.

What is wheat combine harvester technology

ANON wheat combine harvester

Many farmer friends have consulted us and asked questions about how this combine harvester works.
In fact, the wheat combine harvester technology refers to the process and method of using a wheat combine harvester to harvest wheat.
It is carried out in a mechanized manner, transforming traditional manual harvesting work into automated operations, improving work efficiency and quality.
One of the main reasons why so many mechanized equipment are used now is that it can bring us convenient and efficient harvesting rates.
It involves cutting wheat stalks,
After the wheat is cut, it is sent to the thresher for threshing, cleaning of impurities and storage.
This process can greatly reduce farmers’ labor intensity and improve wheat yield and quality.
Moreover, whether it is a small household user or a farmer building a factory,
All related agricultural harvester equipment can be used.
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How a wheat combine harvester harvests wheat

Regarding this point, ANON has to introduce the working process of this harvester to everyone in detail.
During the operation of wheat combine harvester,
First, you need to adjust the combine harvester to the appropriate cutting height to ensure that the wheat stems are cut from the root.
Specifically, there are mainly the following steps to harvest wheat:
The first step is to level the ground with the header.
The cutting table at the bottom of the harvester can move up and down to flatten raised weeds on the ground.
Make sure the cutting device is at the appropriate height off the ground.
In the second step, the cutting device cuts the wheat straw.
The cutting device cuts the wheat straw into a certain length through a rapidly rotating blade.
In the third step, the equipment threshes the wheat.
The cut wheat straw will be transported to the swing bar, and through the swing of the swing belt, the wheat grains will fall off the cob and stalk.
The fourth step is to use the screening machine to screen.
After being screened by the screening machine, impurities and unthreshed grains will be screened out.
The clean wheat grains enter the storage bin from the grain harvesting port.
In the fifth step, the particles are discharged from the discharge port.
The screened wheat particles will be discharged from the discharge port at the rear of the machine.
Complete the integrated workflow from field to warehousing.
The above is the process of completing a series of operations such as harvesting, threshing, cleaning and storage of wheat through a harvester.

How fast is wheat harvested

The harvesting speed of a wheat combine harvester depends on factors such as the model, performance and working status of the machine.
Generally speaking, the target harvesting speed of medium-sized wheat combine harvesters is 1-2 acres/hour.
Large combine harvesters can reach more than 2-3 acres/hour.
This rapid harvesting speed greatly improves work efficiency and reduces farmers’ labor intensity.
Of course, this is just a rough reference,
The specific harvesting speed effect also needs to be inquired based on market supply and demand and user needs.
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Average price of combine harvester

Before purchasing any equipment, we all like to ask about this price question.
In terms of price, wheat combine harvesters also have certain differences according to brands and models.
Overall, ordinary wheat combine harvester are not expensive.
Medium and large combine harvester equipment can cost tens of thousands of dollars.
Imported brand wheat combine harvesters with better performance are more expensive.
The functional technologies it can provide are also the most advanced.
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In short, the wheat combine harvester integrates multiple functions of harvesting, threshing, and cleaning.
It can continuously complete the mechanized operation of wheat from field to storage, which is a great tool for efficient wheat harvesting.
Whether it is a small-scale farmland or a large farm, wheat combine harvesters can adapt to different needs.
If you are worried that you will not be able to choose the right harvester equipment,
You can consult our professionals by calling us.
If you have any questions about ANON’s equipment, you can also leave a message online to inquire about product details.
I believe we will provide you with a satisfactory solution.