2 row manual rice transplanter: Advantages and uses

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Rice is one of the most important food crops in the world and is widely grown in many countries.
One of the key steps in rice planting is rice transplanting. Traditional manual rice transplanting is inefficient and labor-intensive.
The emergence of manual rice transplanters has effectively solved this problem.
It has also become an indispensable agricultural machinery in rice production.
Today, ANON will introduce to you in detail the product information of a 2-row manual rice transplanter.
The effect of use and the advantages that can help farmers, I hope it can help farmer friends.

What is a 2-row manual rice transplanter

First, let’s understand what the 2-row manual rice transplanter equipment looks like.
It is a human-operated rice transplanter suitable for transplanting rice in small areas.
Mainly used for rice transplanting, its shape is rectangular, compact and strong.
It consists of a power device, a transmission device, a rice transplanting device, a walking device, etc.
The transplanting part has a double-row design, and two rows of rice seedlings can be inserted at the same time, which improves the transplanting efficiency.

What are the types of manual rice transplanters

Manual rice transplanters can be divided into many types according to different operating methods and rice transplanting methods.
Among them, the 2-row manual rice transplanter is classified according to the number of transplanting rows.
There are other manual rice transplanters classified according to operation mode and transplanting method,
Such as hoe-type manual rice transplanters, clamp-type manual rice transplanters and pull-type manual rice transplanters.
For farmers who need to use rice transplanter equipment, they should also consider the basic conditions of their farmland before purchasing.

Advantages of 2-row manual rice transplanter

It can insert two rows of rice seedlings at one time, greatly improving the speed and efficiency of rice transplanting.
Compared with traditional rice transplanters, the 2-row manual rice transplanter can reduce the working time by half.
Secondly, the design of the transplanting pole makes transplanting more accurate.
This reduces seedling waste and low survival rates.
This rice transplanting equipment can also be adjusted according to different rice varieties and soil conditions.
Improved planting flexibility and stability.

How farmers choose to buy

Farmers need to consider the following factors when purchasing a 2-row manual rice transplanter.
The first is brand and quality. Choose well-known brands and products with guaranteed quality.
Secondly, the price should not be too high or too low, and you should make a reasonable choice based on your own economic situation.
You should also consider whether the machine’s performance and scope of application meet your needs.

Specifically, the following factors can also be considered:
Transplanting area: If the transplanting area is small, you can choose a manual rice transplanter that is small in size and light in weight.
If the farmland area is large, you can give priority to the Knight rice transplanter.
Transplanting depth: Choose the appropriate transplanting depth according to local rice planting habits.
Row and plant spacing: Choose the appropriate row and plant spacing according to local rice planting habits.
Budget: Choose an appropriate price based on your own budget.


In short, the manual rice transplanter is an efficient and fast rice planting tool.
It can greatly improve farmers’ operating efficiency and reduce labor intensity.
Farmers should fully consider their own needs and product quality when purchasing,
If you are interested in ANON’s agricultural equipment, you can contact us.
The platform provides various types of agricultural machinery and equipment, and everyone is welcome to purchase.
I hope more farmers will realize the benefits of mechanical transplanting,
Choose a suitable rice transplanter to improve the efficiency and quality of rice planting.