What is a crawler tractor?Crawler tractor use

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A crawler tractor is a heavy-duty agricultural machine that uses tracks with metal chains to provide power and traction.
It has a large contact area with the ground and has good adhesion and traction.
When working in harsh terrain conditions such as slippery and uneven terrain,
Not easy to slip or get stuck.

What are the advantages of a crawler tractor

Usually when our agricultural friends use crawler tractors,
They are widely used in agricultural activities such as farmland farming, harvesting, and sowing.
Due to its strong traction and good stability,
It can easily drive farming, seeders and other equipment to improve production efficiency.
In addition, crawler tractors can also be used in agriculture, construction, forestry and other fields.

ANON Crawler Tractor Mini

For example, this high-performance mini crawler tractor provided by our platform,
Strong power performance, dual fuel tanks can accommodate 150L diesel.
It can be turned over, rotated, leveled, and pulled into a trailer, with high operating efficiency.
Can cope with complex terrain and harsh working conditions,
Such as mud, slopes, etc., it has a wider range of applications.

What are the disadvantages of crawler machines

The use of any machine will cause defects under different factors.
Well, crawler tractor also have some shortcomings. ANON will briefly introduce them to you.
The crawler design is relatively expensive, which also includes manufacturing cost and technical content.
Its speed is slower than that of a wheeled tractor, which may affect work.

ANON Crawler Tractor Mini

Generally speaking, crawler tractor are suitable for operating in harsh terrain conditions.
It has high traction, stability and passability, but the price is higher.
ANON also needs to remind all farmer friends,
When choosing, you need to consider its use,
Factors such as operating environment, price, and maintenance costs make the selection decision.
If you don’t know much about it, you can also consult our professionals.
We believe that our platform can give you a satisfactory equipment solution.