What did a corn planter do?how does a seed plant works?

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Corn is one of the important food crops in the world and an indispensable food in people’s daily diet.
Corn sowing is an important step in the corn planting process.
Traditional artificial seeding has low efficiency and high labor intensity, making it difficult to meet the needs of modern agricultural production.
The emergence of corn planter has greatly improved the efficiency and quality of corn sowing.
Promoted the development of corn cultivation.

What is a corn planter

So, what does a corn planter do?
Below, ANON will explain in detail the of the machine and equipment.
It can automatically complete a series of sowing such as trenching, planting, soil covering, and compaction.
Replace traditional artificial seeding methods.
This type of machine is usually designed to be mounted on a tractor.
The power output of the tractor is used to drive each of the seeder to achieve high-efficiency sowing operations.
It consists of a frame, a seed box, a trench opener, a fertilizer spreader, a soil covering device, etc.
The frame is the main body of the planter and carries other components.
The seed box is used to store corn seeds and the corn seeds and evenly into the soil.
A trench opener is used to open to provide spots for corn seeds.
Fertilizer are used to apply chemical to provide for the growth of corn seedlings.
The soil cover is used to cover the soil and protect the corn seeds.

What types of corn planter are there

What types of corn planters are there? How does it work?
Corn seeders are mainly divided into two categories: hand-push type and tractor-mounted type.
The hand push corn seeder is for small areas or farmland with complex terrain such as mountains and hills.
The tractor-mounted type is suitable for flat, large-area farmland.
Whether it’s a hand-push or tractor-mounted type, the basic working principles of a corn planter are similar.

It can be divided into two categories according to its sowing method:
Hole Seeder: Hole Seeder is a common type of corn planter.
It sows corn seeds in the soil at certain intervals.
The seeding mechanism usually consists of a seeding disc, a seeding wheel, and a seeding shaft.
Seeder: The seeder sows corn seeds in the soil at a certain row spacing.
This kind of seeding mechanism usually consists of a seeding wheel, a seeding shaft, and a soil covering plate.
The seeding wheel spreads corn seeds evenly into the soil, and the seeding shaft pushes the corn seeds in the seeding holes into the soil.
Covering boards cover the corn seeds with soil.

corn planter machine

What problems did the corn planter solve

The corn seeder solves the problems of low manual sowing efficiency and uneven sowing.
Improved sowing efficiency and sowing quality.
Farmers use corn seeders to sow corn seeds quickly and evenly.
At the same time, it can replace manual sowing, reducing the labor intensity of farmers.
Save manpower and time and improve sowing efficiency.
In addition, corn planter can also cope with complex and changing terrain conditions,
Ensure uniformity and precision of sowing in various environments.

What are the advantages

There are many benefits and advantages that farmers can enjoy by using a corn planter.
First of all, corn seeders can significantly improve planting efficiency,
Shorten sowing time and save human resources.
Secondly, mechanized sowing can reduce seeding errors and improve the consistency of crop growth.
In addition, corn seeders can also reduce labor intensity, reduce farmers’ physical exertion, and improve labor comfort.
Finally, modern corn planters have good terrain adaptability and can operate efficiently in both plains and hilly areas.


With the continuous advancement of agricultural science and technology,
Corn planter have become a key tool in modern agricultural production to improve seeding quality and efficiency.
It provides significant economic and social benefits to farmers around the world through precise sowing and efficient operations.
It can help us achieve higher sowing efficiency, farmland utilization and labor comfort.
If your farmland also needs such a seeder, you can come to the ANON platform to learn more about agricultural machinery and equipment.
If you have any questions about our products, you are welcome to leave a message online for consultation.
I believe we will provide you with a satisfactory solution.