How much horsepower does a walking tractor have?

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A walking tractor is a small tractor that needs to be pushed manually and is very suitable for small field operations.
What farmers are most concerned about is its working efficiency and matching power specifications.

How effective is a walking tractor

The working efficiency of a walk behind tractor mainly depends on its power and the working environment.
Generally ranging from a few horsepower to 30 horsepower.
The greater the power, the carrying capacity and operating efficiency of the tractor also increase accordingly.
Therefore, ANON reminds all farmers and friends when choosing a tractor,
Choose the appropriate horsepower based on actual needs and field size.

We have Various horesepower(hp) according to your different application,
We suggest u choose 7hp-12hp for dry paddy and farm work. While 15hp-20hp for wet paddy application.

For dry paddy and Farm work 
Various model horsepower 7hp  8hp  9hp   10hp   12hp
For wet paddy 
Various model horsepower 15hp  17hp  18hp  20hp

The two-wheeled walking tractor has a simple structure, is flexible and convenient, and is suitable for working on small plots of land and narrow fields.
So how do farmers know what size walking tractor is needed in the field?
First, consider the size and shape of your field.
If it is a small piece of land with complex shape, it is more appropriate to choose a small and flexible tractor;
For large and flat farmland, choosing a high-horsepower, four-wheel tractor can improve operating efficiency.

Some special farming methods may require special walking tractors, such as special walking tractors commonly used in rice fields.
Therefore, when purchasing a walking tractor, you should choose it based on your specific work needs.

To sum up, when choosing a walking tractor, you need to consider the size and shape of the field, as well as the planting method and operation requirements of the crops.
If you have any questions about our agricultural equipment, you can consult the official website for details.
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