How does a mini rice mill working?How efficient is a rice mill?

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The mini rice mill work using electric drive.
It is mainly composed of motor, drum, screen plate and control system.
During the rice milling process, the control system will adjust the rotation speed and pressure of the drum as needed.
To achieve the best rice milling effect.

How to work

The working principle of the mini rice mill is simple and is mainly divided into the following steps:
Pour the rice into the cleaning bucket of the mini rice mill, add water and wash it to remove surface impurities.
Pour the cleaned rice into the shelling device of the mini rice mill.
The motor drives the shelling device to rotate, using friction to remove the husks from the rice.
Pour the shelled rice into the grinding device of the mini rice mill.
The motor drives the grinding device to rotate and grind the rice into rice.

Mini rice mill efficiency

The mini rice mill works with amazing efficiency.
First of all, its operation is very simple, just pour the rice into the machine,
Just turn on the power, no need for too much manpower and time.
Secondly, the mini rice mill has excellent rice grinding ability,
The rice can be evenly ground into high-quality rice grains, maintaining the taste and nutrition of the rice.
Furthermore, the mini rice mill adopts an advanced control system.
It can intelligently adjust the parameters during the grinding process to make the rice grinding effect more consistent and ideal.

The mini rice mill can save time and labor costs.
It can also ensure the quality and taste of rice milling.
Whether it is for home use or a small farm, the mini rice mill is the ideal equipment for you to choose!
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