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In the livestock industry, silage is a commonly used source of feed.
It has high nutritional value and good shelf life.
In order to effectively harvest silage, forage harvester have become indispensable mechanical equipment for farmers.
Silage is made from crops such as pasture or corn after they are harvested in the green and mature stage.
It is rich in nutrients, easy to digest and absorb, and has good palatability. It is an important source of feed in animal husbandry.
Then, ANON will introduce the relevant information of this harvester in detail below for the reference of farmers and other readers.

What does a silage harvester harvest

Silage harvesters are mainly used to harvest silage crops such as grass and corn.
Among them, forage is the most common harvesting target of silage harvesters.
Pasture is an important source of feed for animal husbandry.
The silage harvester can chop, compact and seal the forage to provide high-quality feed for the livestock industry.

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Forage harvester types

Farmers can choose according to their farmland, crops and functional requirements.
Next, let’s introduce to you in detail the different types of forage harvester.

According to the power mode, it can be divided into:
Trailed silage harvester: pulled by a tractor, has the advantages of flexibility, simple operation, and low price.
Self-propelled silage harvester: It has a power unit and can travel on its own. It has high maneuverability, efficiency and work quality.
According to the cutting method, it can be divided into:
Rotary silage: Cutting is by a rotating cutterhead, which has the advantages of fast cutting speed and high efficiency.
Vibrating silage harvester: cutting by vibrating cutterhead,
It has the advantages of good cutting quality and suitable for harvesting a variety of crops.

Can a pasture harvester cut grass

When ANON was collecting information on silage harvesters, they also found that a farmer friend asked whether the forage harvester could cut grass.
Forage not only cut grass, but are also called “lawn mowers” in many cases.
The cutterhead system can quickly cut ordinary grass, and its function is similar to that of a push lawn mower.
But compared with dedicated lawn mowers, pasture harvesters are more powerful and
Not only can it harvest forage, but it can also handle the harvesting of other plant materials.
For example, outside of silage harvesting,
The forage harvester can also be used to harvest corn stalks, rice straw, cereal straw and other materials.
Enable farmers to efficiently harvest and utilize crop residues.

Functional use

After browsing the above detailed silage harvester, you must have a certain understanding of this agricultural machinery and equipment.
So, ANON would like to answer what are the uses of this agricultural harvester, and how can this equipment help us?
First of all, the harvester has efficient harvesting capabilities and can cut the grass quickly and accurately.
And collect it into the machine for internal storage.
In addition, the forage harvester also has the ability to adjust the cutting height.
The function of operating speed and control direction to meet different operating needs and terrain conditions.

Forage Harvester Summarize

In summary, the forage harvester used for silage harvesting is an efficient and versatile agricultural machinery and equipment.
It can effectively provide farmers with high-quality feed resources, while reducing farmers’ labor intensity and improving work efficiency.
Farmers should comprehensively consider factors such as their pasture planting scale, operational needs, and economic strength.
Choose the model that suits you to improve production and benefits.
If you have any questions about our agricultural machinery and equipment, you can leave a message online for details.
The ANON provides various types of harvester equipment, and can also customize tools according to customer needs.
I believe we will provide you with a satisfactory solution.