20-30TPD complete rice milling plant machinery

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In rice-consuming countries, the demand for rice is growing day by day.
In recent years, with the improvement of people’s living standards, the quality requirements for rice have become higher and higher.
However, preparing rice into edible form requires the use of various machines and techniques,
Especially some small grain processing plants or large rice mills also value mechanization standards.
Complete sets of automated rice mill machinery are increasingly favored by farmers and rice producers.
Many farmer friends will ask about complete rice milling plant machinery and equipment.
Therefore, ANON has compiled a detailed 20-30TPD complete set of rice mill combination products.
Friends in need are welcome to learn more. Our platform also provides various other types of rice mills.
Don’t miss out on quality agricultural equipment suppliers.

What machine is used to grind rice

First, let’s talk about what types of machines are used to grind rice and what methods are used.
In the traditional rice milling process, commonly used rice milling machines include mills, shelling machines and screening machines.
The main rice milling methods include friction method, pendulum method and impact method.
The friction method uses a grindstone to grind rice grains; the pendulum method uses the swing of a hammer to break rice grains into pieces;
The impact principle is to use high-speed rotating iron pieces to impact and break the rice grains.
These methods can effectively grind rice grains.
However, the work rate is low, the labor intensity is high, and the output is limited, which cannot meet the large demand.
With the advancement of science and technology, various automatic rice mills have emerged.
Including hammer rice mill, drum rice mill, roller rice mill, etc.
This is one of the reasons why farmers like to purchase complete rice milling plant machinery.
Modern equipment has the advantages of high efficiency, large output, and good rice quality for rice milling.

ANON 20-30TPD complete rice milling plant

What is complete rice mill machinery

Speaking of complete sets of rice mill production equipment, it may be unfamiliar to this friend who doesn’t know much about it.
You can take a detailed look at the answers about automatic rice milling plants. I believe it will be helpful to you when purchasing rice milling equipment.
Automatic rice mill factory refers to a company that uses automated production lines to mill rice.
This rice milling machine combination consists of multiple automatic rice milling machines.
It can realize the automated production of rice grains from cleaning, impurity removal, grinding, polishing, packaging and other aspects.
It adopts advanced electronic control technology and precise mechanical design to achieve an efficient and stable rice milling process.
The rice mill has functions such as automatic feeding, automatic grinding, and automatic separation.
It greatly improves production efficiency and product quality, and reduces the labor intensity of manual operations.
Through advanced technology and automation,
The automatic rice mill factory ensures that the entire process from paddy cleaning to rice packaging is smooth and efficient.
ANON 20-30TPD complete rice milling plant machinery system, small rice milling line, a series of continuous production equipment,
Including cleaning, shelling, rice grain separation, rice polishing and grading.

Rice mill grinding recovery rate

What is the maximum recovery rate of rice mill?
Farmers who purchase rice mill combination equipment will ask this question.
Everyone hopes that the rice mill equipment can grind rice efficiently and reduce the breakage rate.
The grinding recovery rate of a rice mill refers to the proportion of edible parts in the rice grains after grinding.
Generally speaking, the grinding recovery rate of rice mills is between 70% and 80%.
This means that under the same raw material conditions,
Using an automatic rice mill factory produces more rice, which can increase production and profits.
If you have more functional requirements for rice mill equipment, you can also come to our platform to learn about other types of rice mill combinations.
The complete rice milling plant machinery provided by the ANON platform can meet most milling needs.

20-30TPD complete rice milling plant machinery advantages

We design, manufacture and supply a complete range of rice milling machines,
Including cleaning, shelling, whitening, polishing, grading, sorting and packaging machines to meet rice processing requirements.
The 20-30TPD rice mill factory provided by ANON has many advantages and is suitable for various occasions.
Its production capacity is 20 to 30 tons per day. It has the following advantages and uses:
(1) Efficient and stable: It can achieve an efficient and stable rice milling process and greatly improve production efficiency.
(2) High-quality rice: The rice mill factory adopts precision grinding technology.
It can make the quality of rice more uniform and the taste more delicate, which improves the market competitiveness of the product.
(3) Multifunctional: The complete rice milling plant machinery can not only be used to grind rice to produce rice,
It can also be used for shelling, screening and other purposes, with great flexibility.
(4) Widely used: 20-30TPD rice mill factory is suitable for large and medium-sized farms,
Rice processing plants, etc., meet the needs of different scales of production.


The 20-30TPD rice mill factory complete set of machinery is an efficient and stable automated rice milling equipment.
It can improve milling recovery rate and produce high-quality rice,
And has a variety of functions and a wide range of applications.
For farmers and rice producers,
Choosing a 20-30TPD rice mill factory complete set of machinery will bring higher output and better economic benefits.
Our innovative rice processing solutions minimize waste during processing,
Reduce manpower and maintain hygienic standards in food processing.
Whether it is to increase production efficiency or improve product quality, the rice mill equipment of the ANON platform can meet everyone’s needs.
If you have any questions about our complete rice milling plant machinery, you can leave a message online to inquire about product details.
I believe we will provide you with a satisfactory solution.