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Recently, many farmers who want to open a rice mill are asking for advice.
What is the fully automatic rice mill production line?
In modern agricultural production, rice milling is an indispensable link.
However, the traditional manual rice milling process is time-consuming and labor-intensive and prone to producing impurities.
Therefore, rice mills are now used to complete several steps such as cleaning, crushing, grinding and separation of rice.
In this issue, ANON will talk to you in detail about the 1TPH rice milling plant.
We also hope that this rice mill equipment consultation can help everyone have a deeper understanding of the product.

What is a fully automatic rice mill

First, let’s understand what a fully automatic rice mill production line is.
The complete set of combined rice milling machine is a comprehensive equipment for rice processing.
The rice enters the machine through the vibrating screen and magnet device, and is dehulled by the advancing rubber roller.
Then go down to the valley and blow away the rice husks with air.
The fully automatic rice mill equipment can perform all processing tasks from cleaning grains, continuous shelling, and grinding.
Compared with the traditional manual rice milling workload, modern mechanical equipment can not only improve work efficiency, but also reduce the burden in terms of time and cost.
Therefore, the emergence of fully automatic rice milling plant has made the rice processing process more convenient and efficient.
And it can maintain the quality and nutritional content of rice.

ANON 1TPH rice milling plant

What is milling process in rice

So, ANON now asks you a question, do you know what the rice milling process is like?
What are the steps in the grinding process of a fully automatic rice milling plant?
If you don’t know enough about this, then follow my steps and take a look at the process of this 1TPH fully automatic rice mill production line.
Usually, the grinding process of a fully automatic rice mill includes several steps such as cleaning, crushing, grinding and separation.
First, the grain is cleaned by a cleaning machine to remove impurities and stones.
Second, it enters the crusher and is crushed into small particles. Next, the granules are fed into the rice mill through a conveyor system,
After many times of grinding, separation and screening, high-quality rice grains and rice bran are finally obtained.
The above steps are the main rice milling process of the rice mill equipment.

Below are the detailed steps of the rice grinding process in a fully automatic rice milling plant compiled by ANON:
Cleaning: Clean the rice to be milled to remove impurities, stones and other debris.
Hulling: The husk of the rice is removed through the hulling machine to obtain rice.
Rice hulling: Use a rice huller to hull the rice, remove the rice husk and membrane, and obtain polished white rice.
Grading: Separating rice grains of different sizes through a vibrating screen to improve the uniformity and quality of rice milling.

What is the milling ratio of rice

Through the above ANON and everyone’s detailed introduction to the fully automatic rice mill equipment, after the rice milling process,
I believe everyone has a certain understanding of this rice mill combination.
Next, I want to talk to you about the grinding ratio of a small combination rice mill.
This is also one of the questions that many friends who want to open a rice mill production line want to know.
The milling ratio of a fully automatic small rice milling plant usually refers to the proportion of finished rice obtained from the paddy.
The grinding ratio can be adjusted according to user needs.
Generally speaking, according to different varieties of grains and different requirements of rice grain precision,
Adjust the pressure and speed of the mill to achieve the best rice grinding results.
At present, the rice milling ratio of rice mills is usually around 70%, which can ensure high-quality rice production.
Processing rice through a rice mill combination still has high processing efficiency and high quality of finished rice.

Advantages of fully automatic rice milling plant

Regarding this question, we have actually answered it through the product information introduced above.
Everyone can also quickly see that rice processing through agricultural machinery and equipment is definitely many times more efficient than manual labor.
At the same time, rice milling plant are more prominent in terms of high processing precision and ease of operation, which also reduces manpower input and labor intensity.
Secondly, the use of advanced rice milling technology can effectively remove impurities and stones to ensure the quality of milled rice.
In addition, the equipment is compact in size and takes up less space, making it suitable for use by small farmers and farms.

The above only reflects the advantages of rice mill equipment from the perspective of rice processing efficiency.
If you want to open a rice mill for sales and export, it is suitable for small grain and oil processing plants, and some will supply self-produced rice.
Our fully automatic rice milling machine combination can achieve a production capacity of 1 ton per hour.
It is suitable for small food factories and catering enterprises to independently produce edible rice. The operation is simple and does not require professionals to operate.
Moreover, the main uses of the fully automatic 1tph small rice milling plant include:
Rice processing for daily household consumption.
Rice processing for small restaurants and canteens.
Small food processing enterprise rice processing.


The above is the detailed information about 1TPH fully automatic rice milling plant equipment compiled by ANON.
Fully automatic small rice mills are not only widely used in rural areas,
It also plays an important role in large and medium-sized food processing plants.
By using this equipment, farmers and food processors can grind high-quality rice with higher efficiency and quality to meet market demand.
Finally, I think some of the answers in this article can still help you.
If you have certain needs for rice milling equipment, you can consider taking a look at our product range.
Our platform can provide rice mill combinations, household rice mills and complete rice mill combinations.
If you have any questions about our rice mill, you can leave a message online for details.
I believe we will provide you with a satisfactory solution.