ANON Farm Tractors,4 Wheel Tractor

ANON Farm Tractors,4 Wheel Tractor

Article Posting Date August 2, 2023
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The multi-purpose agricultural Wheel Tractor can quickly complete various agricultural operations and improve production efficiency.

ANON Four stroke diesel tractor

  • High-quality conventional linear, water-cooled, four-stroke, direct-injection diesel engine,
  • Imported fuel injection system, low fuel consumption, fast speed, durable and reliable.
  • The maximum speed can reach 32km/h, and the on-site transshipment and transportation operations are more advantageous.
  • It can effectively reduce loading time and improve work efficiency.
  • Equipped with 70L large-capacity rotating oil tank, easy to refuel,
  • It can meet the needs of continuous operation for more than 10 hours.
  • Adopt imported technology, reliable performance.
  • Equipped with an air-conditioned cab, sound insulation, and a large circular field of view, it can realize all-weather operations.
  • The cab has good sealing performance, and dirt, dirt and other sundries are not easy to enter the cab during operation, making the operating environment clean and comfortable.
  • With side mounted, flat bottom and suspension pedals, the control structure is distributed reasonably,
  • The driving space is large, which improves the operating comfort and reduces the driver’s work intensity.

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ANON Farm Tractors,4 Wheel Tractor
ANON Farm Tractors,4 Wheel Tractor

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