ANON Walking Tractor Trailer

ANON Walking Tractor Trailer

Article Posting Date August 2, 2023
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A walk-behind tractor with a trailer can easily get into tight spaces and is ideal for use on small farms.

ANON Walking tractor with trailer

  • Special gears, anti-fatigue, not easy to break;
  • Special gear box, overall strengthening and aggravation;
  • Strong load capacity;
  • The overall reinforcement is aggravated, and the bearing capacity is strong;
  • High quality, wear-resistant, suitable for dry and wet paddy field work, and easy to transport.
  • Features of walking tractors with trailers
  • Small in size, light in weight, easy to operate, suitable for small farmers.
  • Powerful, can drive all kinds of agricultural machinery operations.
  • High fuel efficiency, saving fuel costs.
  • Easy maintenance and easy maintenance.


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ANON Walking Tractor Trailer
ANON Walking Tractor Trailer

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