What Type Of Machine Picks Corn?What machine harvests corn?

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In the golden autumn, the cornfields in full bloom nourish farmers’ yearly harvest expectations.
In order to efficiently mechanize the work of harvests corn,
What machine do you use to pick corn?

What machine is used to harvests corn?

Thankfully, there are many types of machines that can be used to pick corn.
The most common and widely used is the corn harvester,
It can efficiently complete the corn harvesting task.
One of the most popular and widely used is the mini corn harvester,
Next, let’s take a closer look at the functions and advantages of the corn harvester.

ANON 2 row crawler corn harvester

First, it greatly improves the efficiency of harvesting.
Compared with the traditional manual harvesting method, the harvester can complete a large amount of harvests corn in a short time,
Save a lot of time and labor costs.
Secondly, the operation of the corn harvester is simple, requiring only one skilled operator to complete the work.
This saves time and effort in training novices.
In addition, since the corn harvester can precisely separate the ears of corn from the stalks,
Farmers can more conveniently carry out subsequent handling and processing of corn.

Our company has specially developed corn harvesters and combine harvester equipment,
Harvesting with this machine not only has high efficiency,
The harvesting height can also be adjusted according to the characteristics of the crops to avoid damage to the corn.
We support single-row, 2-row and 4-row corn harvesters,
If you have requirements for the terrain environment, you can also choose crawler and wheel harvesters.

If you are also operating corn farming and want to improve harvesting efficiency,
Contact us to inquire about this device.
At the same time, our platform also provides other diversified agricultural equipment to meet everyone’s needs.
It will definitely become a good helper in your field, and let the joy of harvest accompany you earlier.