What is the function of the peanut harvester?

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In the golden autumn season, large golden-yellow peanut fields mature,
A bountiful harvest awaits the farmers.
How to make peanut harvesting more convenient and efficient?
Peanut Harvester will help you solve this problem easily!

What is a Peanut Harvest

Peanut harvesting refers to picking peanuts from the ground,
A series of processes such as cleaning, shelling, and drying.
There are many ways to harvest peanuts, which can be picked by hand.
This harvesting method is inefficient and labor-intensive.
It is difficult to meet the needs of modern peanut production.
With the development of agricultural technology, farmers are increasingly relying on modern agricultural equipment to improve production efficiency.

Then some agricultural friends will ask, what are the functions of the peanut harvester?
It mainly includes the following aspects:
Traditional peanut picking requires a lot of manpower and time investment,
The use of peanut harvesters can greatly improve harvesting efficiency.
The peanut harvester reduces the need for human resources, thereby reducing labor costs,
This can also save human and economic costs for some medium and large farmers.
Harvesting crops through advanced machinery and equipment can also reduce harvest losses,
Improve the harvest quality of peanut fruit.

Peanut Harvester Type

According to the structure and function of the peanut harvester, it can be divided into the following types:
Walk-behind peanut harvesters, crawler peanut harvesters, wheeled peanut harvesters, and tractor-drawn peanut harvesters for large-scale harvesting.
ANON also needs to remind all agricultural friends that different types of peanut harvesters have their own advantages and scope of application.
It is necessary to choose a suitable harvester according to factors such as the terrain of the peanut field and the height of the peanut plant.
If you need a household or commercial combine harvester, the platform supports harvesting of various crops,
Our equipment will be a very ideal choice.