What is the difference between milled rice and parboiled rice?

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Rice milling and parboiled rice are two common ways of processing grains,
There are some differences between them in terms of processing, taste and nutritional value.
What is the main difference between rice milling and steaming?
What are the pros and cons of the two approaches?

The difference between milled rice and parboiled rice

Parboiled Rice Mill Plant
  • Processing method: steam the grains and grind them.
  • Improves the taste and nutritional value of cereals.
  • Traditional rice mills break grains directly by mechanical force.
  • Taste difference: Since parboiled rice is ground after steaming,
  • Therefore, the rice produced is softer, waxy but not sticky, and has a better taste.
  • Nutrient retention: The cooking process can maximize the retention of nutrients in the grain,
  • It is not easy to lose during the grinding process.
Parboiled Rice Mill Plant

Advantages of Parboiler rice machine

The pre-boiler heats the grain with steam,
It maximizes the retention of its nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and fiber.
The steaming and rice milling machine usually has an intelligent control function, which can automatically complete the cooking process,
Adopt advanced processing technology to ensure the stable quality of parboiled rice.

Parboiled Rice Mill Plant

In summary, the two have technological process, nutritional value,
There are certain differences in taste and applicable crowd.
Parboiled rice has better nutritional value and taste than polished rice, and is suitable for all people.
Especially suitable for those who need to supplement nutrition.
Our company can provide matching precooking and rice milling processing equipment according to customer needs.
Realize the automatic production line from cooking, grinding to finished product processing.