What is the comparison between crawler and wheeled tractor?

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There are many types of tractors, the most common of which are crawler and wheeled tractor.
What is the difference between these two tractors? Which one is better?
We have made a detailed comparison below to give you a better choice.

Differences between crawler wheeled tractor

With the continuous improvement of the level of agricultural mechanization in our country, tractors have become the main agricultural machinery necessary for farmers.
Tractors can be divided into two categories: crawler tractors and wheeled tractor according to the driving mode.
For farmers who are planning to purchase a tractor, they should choose based on actual usage needs.
Choose the right tractor type.
So, what is the difference between tracked and wheeled tractors?

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Tractor is an indispensable tool in agricultural production.
Used for plowing, sowing, harvesting and other operations.
Tracked and wheeled tractors are the two main types of tractors, each with their own pros and cons.
Different structures
A crawler tractor is mainly composed of crawler tracks, crawler wheels, driving wheels, crawler frames, engines, etc.
A wheeled tractor consists of front wheels, rear wheels, trailer and engine.
different volumes
Crawler tractors are usually larger than wheel tractors.
But it has better loading capacity and adaptability.
Maintenance difficulty varies
Crawler tractors are relatively difficult to maintain.
Because its components are more complex than a wheeled tractor.
Wheeled tractors, on the other hand, can solve maintenance problems by replacing tires.

Crawler tractor advantages and disadvantages

The biggest advantage of a crawler tractor is its strong off-road capability.
Compared with wheeled tractor,Crawler tractors are driven by crawler tracks, which have a large contact area with the ground.
It has strong ground adhesion, which enables it to adapt to complex terrain conditions such as muddy and slippery.
Effectively exert traction. Especially in areas such as mountains and wetlands,
The operating efficiency of crawler tractors is significantly higher than that of wheel tractors.
In addition, the crawler tractor has a low center of gravity and a stable posture, allowing it to operate safely on slopes.

Crawler tractors have the following advantages over wheeled tractor:
Strong traction: The track of the crawler tractor has a large contact area with the ground.
Therefore, it has stronger traction and can easily cope with various complex terrains, such as muddy, slippery, rugged, etc.
High stability: The tracks of the crawler tractor can effectively disperse the weight,
Therefore, it has higher stability and is safer and more reliable when working on slopes.
Low driving noise: The crawler tractor produces less noise when its tracks are in contact with the ground, making it more environmentally friendly during operation.
Disadvantages of crawler tractors
Crawler tractors also have some disadvantages:
High Price: Crawler tractors cost more to manufacture and hence the price is higher.
Large turning radius: The tracks of a crawler tractor need to turn, so the turning radius is large.
High maintenance costs: The tracks of crawler tractors are prone to wear and tear, so maintenance costs are high.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Wheeled Tractor

In comparison, the structure of wheeled tractors is relatively simple and the price is relatively low.
The contact area between the tire and the ground is small, although the off-road capability is weak,
But it travels fast and is easy to maneuver.
The wheeled type is mostly used for flat, dry field operations.
In addition, wheeled tires are easy to replace and the burden of replacing wear-resistant parts is light.
For farmers in large plain areas, tractors are cost-effective.

Wheel tractors have the following advantages over crawler tractors:
Low Price: The manufacturing cost is lower and therefore the price is also lower.
Low maintenance costs: Tires do not need to be replaced regularly, so maintenance costs are lower.
Small turning radius: The tires can turn independently, so the turning radius is smaller, making it easier to operate in narrow spaces.
Disadvantages of wheeled tractors
Wheeled tractors also have some disadvantages:
Weak traction: The tire has a small contact area with the ground, so traction is weak and you may have difficulty driving on rough terrain.
Low stability: The tires may slip on slippery or uneven surfaces and therefore have less stability.
High noise: Tires produce more noise when driving.

Tractor applicable occasions

Crawler tractors are suitable for use in the following situations:
Rough Terrain: Strong traction and stability enable it to easily overcome rough terrain,
Therefore, it is very suitable for use in mountainous areas, hilly areas and swamps.
Heavy-duty operations: Can be used for heavy-duty operations, such as plowing, raking, transportation, etc.
Wheeled tractors are suitable for use in the following situations:
Flat Terrain: Wheeled models have less traction, making them easier to use on flat terrain.
Farmland operations: The turning radius is small, so it is more flexible in farmland operations.
Gardening work: Small size makes it ideal for gardening work.

No matter which type of tractor they choose, farmers should pay attention to the brand and quality of the product.
At the same time, pay attention to the after-sales service status of the product and choose a brand that can provide timely maintenance support.
Reasonably choose the type of tractor that suits your needs,
Not only can it improve agricultural production efficiency, it is also an important measure to achieve agricultural mechanization.
Welcome to the ANON platform to learn more about agricultural tractor products.
I believe we will provide you with a satisfactory solution.