What is parboiled rice mill?Is parboiled rice the healthiest?

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The parboiled rice mill is a process that processes rice through soaking, cooking, drying, etc.
Then carry out conventional processing steps such as hulling, rice milling and color sorting.
Equipment to produce finished parboiled rice.

What is parboiling rice milling process

The parboiling and rice milling process is a traditional grain processing method, mainly used in the production process of rice.
It includes the following main steps:
Cooking, aging, grinding, sorting and finishing.
Compared with the traditional wet grinding process, the parboiled rice milling process
It can better retain the vitamins and nutrients in the rice grains, making the rice taste more delicious and soft.
This process is suitable for farmers with smaller output or small-scale parboiled rice mill processing factories.
and a consumer market with higher requirements for rice quality.

Is parboiled rice healthy

First of all, parboiled rice is a healthy food.
Steaming treatment can make the nutrients in rice more easily absorbed by the human body.
It can also improve the antioxidant capacity of parboiled rice.
Secondly, the design concept of the parboiled rice mill focuses on energy conservation and environmental protection.
Use efficient and energy-saving technology to reduce energy consumption and contribute to our environment.
Finally, the parboiled rice milling machine can also customize rice noodles,
A variety of grain products such as miscellaneous grains meet the taste needs of different groups of people.

Parboiled rice not only retains the nutrients and original flavor of the grains, but also has a fuller and more delicious taste.
At the same time, the parboiled rice mill can also efficiently process grains, bringing us convenience and benefits.
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