What is onion harvester,What machine is used to harvest onions?

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Onions are an important vegetable crop and are in high demand throughout the year.
However, the traditional manual harvesting method requires a lot of manpower and time.
In order to solve this problem, the onion harvester came into being.

onion harvester use

First of all, you need to understand the characteristics of the onion harvester,
It is mainly composed of chassis, walking device, harvesting system and control system.
Secondly, the onion harvesting machine has good harvesting quality.
It can automatically adjust the method according to different onion varieties and growth states,
Avoid damage to crops and ensure the quality of onions after harvest.

ANON Green Onion Harvester

There are two main types of onion harvesters:
Wheeled onion harvester: This is pulled by a tractor and uses wheels to dig and separate the onions.
Crawler Onion arvester: This is driven by crawlers and is suitable for use in hilly areas.
When an onion , you should choose the appropriate type according to the onion area, soil conditions and other factors.

How to choose an onion harvester

So, what kind of machinery and equipment is suitable for onions?
There are many models of onion harvesters available in the market today.
First of all, it should have strong and stability, and be able to adapt to different soil conditions and crop growth states;
Secondly, it should have efficient harvesting capacity and good quality to ensure that the onions are intact; finally, it should be easy to operate and easy to maintain, reducing the threshold for farmers to use.

ANON Green Onion Harvester

In addition, the onion harvester can also level the soil, remove weeds, etc.,
Create good conditions for the next round of planting.
If farmers or individual users need such equipment,
You can contact ANON, we will have a professional team to provide you with solutions.