What is an integrated rice mill?Combined rice mill

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In today’s era of rapid development of information and equipment,
Large-scale grain processing institutions will choose to use modern machinery and equipment.
With the rapid development of the global rice processing industry,
The integrated rice mill has attracted much attention as an efficient and intelligent equipment.
In this issue, ANON will introduce to you the product introduction of integrated combined rice mill equipment.
Advantages of use and information about setting up a rice milling processing plant. I believe this information will be helpful to buyers.

What is an integrated rice mill

What is an integrated combined rice mill? Many friends who want to buy a rice mill will ask about this question.
Simply put, this equipment is a machine that integrates the various machine functions required in the rice milling process into one machine.
It completes the entire process of rice milling through one machine.
Integrate threshing, cleaning, grinding, screening and other functions into one system to achieve an integrated processing process.
This is why rice milling and processing plants can produce high-quality rice in large quantities so quickly and efficiently.
Moreover, this kind of equipment has the characteristics of compact structure, small floor space, simple operation and easy maintenance.
Automatically complete the entire process from paddy to finished rice, greatly improving production efficiency and product quality.

Advantages of combined rice mill

As our living standards improve, the quality of rice we eat will definitely need to improve.
This has also led to many farmer friends now choosing to invest in the establishment of rice milling processing plants.
Therefore, the demand for rice mill equipment has always been high.
So before we choose a rice milling equipment, we also need to examine the excellence of the machine.
Below, ANON will introduce to you the 60-80TPD combined rice mill equipment on our platform.

The integrated combined rice mill has many advantages over traditional rice milling equipment:
Integrated with a complete set of control systems, it can realize fully automated production.
Significantly reduce labor costs and improve production efficiency.
Using advanced production technology and equipment, it can process 60-80 tons of rice every day.
Meet the needs of modern rice milling processing plants.
This complete set of rice mill equipment is relatively suitable for friends who need to build a factory.
Secondly, the machine is very simple to operate and does not require professional technicians to operate it.
Our platform will provide technical support and post-maintenance services in the future.
At the same time, the whole machine has high quality, high white rice yield, excellent polished rice quality and low price.

How to build a rice processing factory

After understanding the above information about combined rice mill equipment, one of the questions that many friends are most concerned about is:
How to establish an integrated combined rice milling and processing plant? What are the key points that need to be paid attention to?
Then, ANON will explain to you in detail the steps to build a factory.

It is necessary to pay attention to the planning and design of the factory building, including raw material storage area, processing area, finished product packaging area, etc., and rationally arrange the equipment flow.
The key equipment is the combined rice mill, which also requires corresponding conveying equipment, screening equipment, electronic control systems, etc.
Reasonable factory design and scientific management can greatly improve the processing efficiency of the enterprise.
Of course, if you have no experience in these, you can consult the supplier in detail about your requirements.
Customize the appropriate rice mill equipment according to your own funds, site and equipment requirements.
Finally, be sure to communicate well about technical service issues before and after sales to avoid serious economic losses in the later period.

combined rice mill machine price

The price of an integrated rice mill depends on factors such as equipment model, processing capacity, configuration and brand.
The price of an integrated rice mill usually ranges from a few thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands of yuan.
The specific price needs to be consulted based on actual needs and the brand of equipment purchased.
ANON reminds everyone that some of the combined rice mill equipment can also be purchased and used.
If you have questions about building your own factory, you can consult us directly for details.


To sum up, the integrated combined rice mill is an ideal choice for modern rice milling processing plants.
This type of rice milling equipment is the best grinding tool for medium and large processing plants.
Moreover, the integrated integrated rice mill is suitable for processing different types and varieties of rice,
The processing parameters can be flexibly adjusted to meet the needs of different users.
If you have any needs in this regard and have any questions about our products,
You can leave a message online to inquire for details. I believe we will provide you with a satisfactory solution.