What is an automatic rice mill combination?

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The automatic rice mill combination machine integrates feeding, grinding, screening and conveying,
Using electric drive to realize automatic processing process control.

What are the advantages of automatic rice mill combination

Automatic rice milling machines usually have multiple rice milling modes and programs,
It can adapt to the milling needs of different of rice.
It can control the pressure and time of rice mill combination, avoid energy waste and improve rice milling.

ANON MNMLT Vertical Rice Mill
  • ANON MNMLT Vertical Rice Mill
  • Manufacture a new generation of beautiful and durable new agents.
  • The wearing parts meet the international standard, durable and less.

Advantages of automatic rice milling machine

Automatic rice mill combination is an important equipment in modern rice processing because of its high degree of and excellent.
The ANON platform provides electric rice mills, diesel rice mills and complete sets of rice mills.
Among the different types of rice mills, there are also ways that can be combined flexibly.
By combining the manual rice mill with the automatic rice mill, both cost of use and production efficiency can be taken into account.

ANON SB30 Portable Rice Mill
  • ANON SB30 Portable Rice Mill
  • External fan, fully sealed inside the machine,
  • No dust outside the machine, environmental protection.
  • Small vibration and low noise.
  • The mechanical properties are more stable.

  • ANON Automatic Parboiled Rice Mill,Rice Milling Equipment
  • Fully automatic rice steaming machine equipment adopts advanced technology,
  • It can automatically complete the cooking, rice milling, polishing and other processes.
  • It can increase the strength of rice grains and increase the rice in-out rate.

In general, the automatic rice mill combination achieves high efficiency through smart technology,
The rice milling operation is convenient and safe.
The rice milling process has achieved more efficient and more precise automatic control.
Then the automatic rice mill is a good choice.
We believe that the intelligent automatic rice milling machine will become an important development direction of the rice processing industry in the future.