What is a wheel type tractor?What is the function of wheel tractor?

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A wheel tractor refers to a tractor whose traveling device is wheels.
It is a commonly used mechanical equipment in agricultural production and is mainly used to pull agricultural machinery for operations.
Wheeled tractors are used for many tasks such as farming, sowing, fertilizing, and harvesting in agricultural production.

The role of wheeled tractors

Wheel tractor mechanize a variety of agricultural operations,
Such as plowing, sowing, transportation, etc., farmers only need to drive tractors,
It can drive various agricultural machinery and tools to complete the work, greatly reducing labor intensity.
Below, ANON will introduce to you in detail, what are the functions of wheeled tractors?

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The functions of wheel tractor are mainly reflected in the following aspects:
Improve crop production efficiency: wheeled tractors can replace human or animal power for farming,
Sowing, harvesting, transportation and other operations have greatly crop production.
Reduce labor intensity: The use of tractors can reduce farmers’ labor,
Improve labor productivity.
Improve farmland working conditions: Deep plowing and farming can be carried out to improve farmland working conditions and increase crop yields.
Promote the development of agricultural mechanization: As an important equipment for agricultural mechanization, its development promotes the development of agricultural mechanization.
Harvesting and baling: Some wheel tractor can also be with, balers and other equipment.
Used for harvesting and bundling crops such as rice, wheat, and corn.
They can complete the harvesting and baling process efficiently, improving farmers’ production efficiency.

Types of wheeled tractors

Through the above introduction to wheel tractor and the functions of tractors,
Let’s talk about the types of wheeled tractors. After comparison, you can choose the machine that suits your farmland in more detail.

According to the number of rounds, it can be divided into:
Two-wheel tractors: mainly used for crop production in and hilly areas.
Four-wheel tractor: mainly used for crop production in plain areas.
According to the driving mode, it can be divided into:
Rear-wheel drive: Mainly used for farming, sowing, harvesting and other operations.
Four-wheel drive: Mainly used for operations in complex terrain such as hills .
According to the power size, it can be divided into:
Light tractor: less than 40, mainly used on small farms or family farms.
Medium-sized tractors: 40-100 , mainly used on farms.
Heavy tractors: with power greater than 100 , mainly used on large farms.

ANON Farm Tractors,Wheel Tractor

Baling tractor: specially used for baling hay, straw and other crops, with balers and handling equipment.
Mountain tractor: suitable for terrain, with strong off-road performance and passing ability,
Gardening tractor: It is for small places such as vegetable greenhouses and orchards. It is compact and flexible and equipped with professional farming and management equipment.
Large agricultural tractors: with greater power and carrying ,
Suitable for farming and operations in large areas of farmland.

What can it bring to farmers

Well, after the introduction of tractor types above,
Do you know what advantages wheeled tractors can bring to farmers?
Wheel tractor can bring the following benefits to farmers:
Improve production efficiency: It can replace human or animal power for work, greatly improving production efficiency.
Reduce labor intensity: It can reduce farmers’ labor and improve their quality of life.
Improve working conditions: Carry out deep and plowing to improve working conditions and increase yields.
Promote industrial development: It can promote the development of agricultural mechanization and drive the development of related industries.

The advantages of wheeled tractors include flexibility, multi-function, high operating and easy maintenance.
It can move quickly and adapt to various terrains. It has good accessibility and can meet the needs of various.
At the same time, its cab layout is compact and its body structure is reasonable.
The turning radius is small and the operation is convenient, making the more outstanding.
The versatility of a wheel tractor allows it to complete planting,
Fertilization, harvesting and other operations to improve production.
Large wheeled tractors have larger and better loading and transmission functions.
It can drive large equipment, such as tillers, seeders, etc., to improve work efficiency.
Reduce labor resource costs and improve farmland economic benefits.


To sum up, wheeled tractors are flexible, easy to operate and multi-purpose.
By helping improve , reduce labor , save costs and improve crop quality,
Wheeled tractors offer many benefits to farmers and have become an tool in modern agriculture.
When farmers choose wheeled tractors, they should purchase them according to their own needs and actual conditions to obtain the best use results.
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