What is a forage harvester used for?

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Agriculture is an important part of the national economy.
As one of the representatives of modern agricultural machinery, the forage harvester
It has brought great convenience and benefits to farmers.
The main function is to harvest plant materials such as grass and silage for livestock feeding.
Pasture is one of the important sources of feed for animal husbandry.
It is an indispensable food for raising livestock and poultry.
Below, we will introduce in detail the purpose, working principle and how to use it correctly.
At the same time, its diverse uses are discussed to help farmers better understand and choose a harvester that suits their needs.

What is a pasture harvester

Forage harvester used as equipment for plant materials such as forage and silage.
It usually consists of cutting device, system and control system.
Different models of forage harvesters can adapt to different scales of forage needs.
It can chop, compact and transport forage to locations.
The main types of forage are as follows:
Wheeled : This type of harvester is driven by wheels and is suitable for flat pastures.
Tracked : This type of harvester is driven by tracks and is suitable for use in rugged pastures.
Mounted : This type of harvester is towed by a tractor and is suitable for large pastures.

How does a forage harvester work

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After understanding the above basic information about forage harvesting equipment,
Some farmers are interested in the working of this machine, and I will give you a detailed answer below.
The forage harvester cuts and collects the forage through the cutting device.
It is then to the location through a system.
This automated operation improves harvesting efficiency and reduces labor intensity.
When the is started, the cutting device will first cut the forage and send it to the rear processing section.
In this process, the forage will be crushed and entered into the compactor through the conveying system for compaction and packaging.
The result is a dense, solid feed mass.

The main working process is as follows:
When the cutting device chops the grass,
The feeding device evenly feeds the chopped forage into the device to compact the forage into shape.
The device transports the forage to the location.

How should I use a forage harvester

When farmers use forage harvesters, they first need to choose a suitable harvesting time.
Pasture should be at the appropriate time during the growing season to retain optimal.
Next, farmers need to adjust the cutting height and cutting length of the harvester.
to adapt to different feed needs.
Finally, the cut grass can be, pressed and stored for daily feeding of livestock.

For farmers, using agricultural harvesters can bring many:
Improve harvesting efficiency, one operator can complete the task of harvesting a larger area of forage;
Harvesting is clean and tidy, which is to later and processing;
The cutting height can be and different cutting methods can be adopted according to the growth conditions of the grass;
The operation is simple and safe, reducing labor intensity.
Ensure feed supply for livestock and improve the economic efficiency of agricultural production.

Forage harvester use

The uses of silage forage harvester are very diverse. In addition to pasture,
It can also be used for harvesting and processing of silage corn, sorghum, grass crops, etc.
Moreover, in the breeding industry, can also be used for and storage of feed to ensure the quality and preservation of feed.
In addition, the popularization and application of forage harvesters in agricultural production,
It also provides a stable economic growth point for farmers.

The silage harvester provided by our ANON is mainly used to harvest corn, sorghum, pasture, etc.
It can be used for multiple purposes in one machine, such as harvesting, chopping, kneading, and blowing silage onto the trailer.
It can work or can be on a tractor as a header.


In short, the use of forage harvester greatly improves the of forage.
Making large-scale forage production possible.
It is widely used in pasture feed, natural grassland, urban and other fields.
It is one of the important equipments for modern grass industry production.
At the same time, it also brings more production methods to farmers.
In future agricultural production, this will play an important role.
Contribute more to global agricultural production.
If you also need to this equipment, you can leave a message online for consultation.
We believe that the agricultural harvesters on our can meet farm needs.