what is a disc mower used for?

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A disc mower is an agricultural machinery that uses a circular cutterhead to rotate and cut grass.
Depending on the power source, disc lawn mowers can be divided into walk-behind,
Tractor-trailed and crawler-type, etc.

Disc lawn mower uses

Among them, the walking tractor disc mower is the most widely used one.
Suitable for harvesting various grasses and weeds.
The lawn mowing tool driven by human power is economical and practical and deeply loved by users.
So, what are the main uses of a walk-behind lawn mower?

The walk-behind tractor disc mower can cut grass quickly and evenly.
Suitable for harvesting all kinds of forage, such as this lawn mower provided by ANON,
For cutting clover, reeds and grass. Suitable for orchard weeding, fodder harvesting and lawn mowing.
At the same time, this lawn mower can be used with a walking tractor to form a lawn mower unit for mowing.
The tractor provides the moving power and the mower does the cutting work.
This can handle mowing tasks over larger areas.

So, what are the advantages of using a walking tractor disc lawn mower?
Users only need to install it on a walking tractor and move it to complete the cutting work.
For farmland farming, the high efficiency and reliability features of disc mowers,
Making it ideal for forage harvesting and lawn renovation.
The most important thing is that it has simple structure, low maintenance cost and wide range of use.
Only one person can complete the lawn mowing operation.

All in all, whether it is home gardens, park green spaces or farmland farming,
Disc mower all offer excellent mowing performance, keeping your lawn neat and tidy.
If you need such cost-effective lawn mowing equipment, please feel free to contact us for consultation.
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