What is a combine harvester used for?

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The combine harvester is an indispensable agricultural machine tool in modern production, which saves farmers a lot of time, labor and cost.
Improve protect crop quality, and reduce crop loss and breakage.

How does a harvester work?

The main features of the combine harvester are the header platform,
the cutter for cutting the crop and a reel for collecting the cut crop into the auger.
Combine harvesters are large and complex machines that contain many different moving parts and stages,
with different header often used to harvest different types of crops.
Combine harvesters can unload grain tanks while moving, which saves farmers a lot of time.
Use the tractor to keep pace with the combine as it continues to harvest,
then the grain auger extends over the grain cart to dump the grain tanks into the grain cart.

combine harvester

First of all, everyone needs to understand, what is a combine harvester?
A combine harvester is a very useful piece of that harvests, sifts,
and threshs rice, corn, wheat,, beans, and other crops in the field.
The combine harvester was one of the most important labor-saving inventions,
The proportion of the population employed in agriculture.

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ANON New Combine Rice Harvester

  • Machine Major advantages:
  • 1.Thorough threshing;
  • 2.Clear separation;
  • 3.Low grain;
  • 4.High grain;
  • 5.Good maneuverability in the wet and soft field;
  • 6.Quality engine with power reserve;
  • 7.Low and low noise.
New Combine Rice Harvester

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