What is a chilli harvesting machine and what is it used for?

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With the development of society, the level of agricultural mechanization is also constantly improving.
Compared with traditional manual picking,
The use of mechanized pepper picking machines can greatly improve work efficiency and save labor costs.
This article will introduce the product information of chilli harvesting machine in detail.
The usage method and application scope are provided for reference by the majority of pepper growers and related practitioners.

Introduction of chilli harvesting machine

The chilli harvesting machine is a mechanized equipment for harvesting peppers.
It can replace traditional manual picking.
It consists of body, motor, blade, conveyor belt and other parts.
The pepper picking machine can be adjusted according to different needs,
To adapt to different pepper varieties and harvesting environments.
It can harvest mature peppers and cut off the stems and leaves of the peppers.
Makes the peppers cleaner and neater.

ANON chilli harvesting machine

It mainly consists of the following parts:
Power device: Provides power to drive various components of the pepper picking machine.
Picking device: Pick the peppers from the plant.
Sorting device: Sorts peppers according to size, color, etc.
Packing device: packs the peppers.
The specific structure and working principle of the pepper picking machine vary according to different types of pepper picking machines.

How to pick peppers

Using a chilli harvesting machine is very simple, generally just follow the machine instructions.
First, adjust the robotic arm to the appropriate height and angle to accommodate the pepper plants.
Next, turn on the robotic arm and the cutter will automatically rotate and cut the fruit.
The fruit is transferred via conveyor belts or pipes to collection bins or containers.
When harvesting is complete, close the robotic arm and stop the cutter’s movement.
Finally, cleaning and maintenance are performed to ensure the normal operation of mechanical equipment.

Here are the steps to use a pepper picker:
Preparation: Make sure the pepper fruits in your pepper garden are ripe and ready for harvest.
Set up the machine: Adjust the parameters of your pepper picking machine as needed, such as speed, spacing and cutter height, etc.
Start harvesting: Place the pepper picker in the appropriate location and start the machine. The pepper picker automatically identifies ripe peppers and harvests them.
Sorting and packaging: The picked peppers will be sorted and packaged.
Finally, you get the finished chili.
After harvesting, move the peppers to a cool and ventilated place as soon as possible.

Uses of chilli harvesting machine

Pepper picking machines are mainly used in large pepper planting fields.
It can replace a lot of hard manual labor and greatly improve harvesting efficiency.
A picking machine can pick hundreds of kilograms of peppers per hour.
The picking machine can also adapt to different pepper varieties and tree types.
In addition, compared with manual picking, mechanical picking is gentler and less likely to damage fruits and plants.

Chilli harvesting machine are mainly used in the pepper planting and harvesting process.
Has the following uses:

  • Improve work efficiency: The pepper picking machine can quickly and complete the picking of large quantities of peppers,
    Greatly improve work efficiency.
  • Ensure product quality: the mechanical cutter can accurately cut pepper fruits,
    This avoids the problems of damaged or fruits that may occur during manual picking, ensuring the quality of the product.
  • Reduce manual labor: Using a pepper picking machine can reduce the amount of manual labor,
    It saves time and labor costs and improves agricultural production efficiency.
  • Adapt to different terrains and planting areas:
    The mobile base of the pepper picker allows it to adapt to different terrains and planting areas, making it easy to operate and adjust.


The chilli harvesting machine is an efficient and convenient agricultural machinery and equipment.
It can be widely used in pepper planting and harvesting processes.
It brings convenience and benefits to farmers.
With the development of intelligence and automation technology,
The pepper picking machine will surely better serve the of pepper growers.
Reduce production costs and improve harvest and quality.
If you are a pepper grower or someone working in related industries,
The pepper picking machine will be your ideal choice to improve production and quality.